Let’s code: common APIs – shortcodes

2 responses on “Let’s code: common APIs – shortcodes

  1. Matthew Tanner

    Great content!


  2. Andrew

    In working with the code associated with this session, I was able to get the shortcode to function.

    The excerpt filter portion would not work. I added PHP logging to the filter hook function, loaded post archive on my site, and saw excerpts, but the log did not contain my message. A quick search indicated to use the “get_the_excerpt” hook.

    That was the answer I needed to get the custom content added to post excerpts.


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July 29, 2022

Shortcodes are pre-defined, reusable pieces of code that can be added to posts or pages and used to perform dynamic interactions with the content.

Shortcodes can be used to create anything from a contact form to a booking calendar. While they do have some limitations, they are also a very valuable tool in any developer’s toolbox.

Join us to learn how shortcodes work in WordPress, which shortcodes ship with WordPress how to create your own shortcodes, as we showcase a few fun examples of what shortcodes can do.

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