Nick Diego: Exploring the Power of Block Variations

2 responses on “Nick Diego: Exploring the Power of Block Variations

  1. Roman Axelrod

    Dear Nick,

    Just letting you know – the presentation is Fantastic!
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


  2. JBiz

    great jorb!


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August 26, 2022

The block variation API allows you to create “variations” of existing blocks. A variation differs from the original block by a predefined set of attributes or inner blocks. When the variation block is inserted into the Editor, it will have these attributes and/or inner blocks rather than those of the default block. Whew, sounds complicated, right?

In this online workshop, we will demystify block variations and demonstrate just how powerful they can be. Variations are a fundamental part of modern WordPress website development. In fact, many WordPress Core blocks that you use every day are actually variations!

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