A chat with Matt Mullenweg: WordCamp US 2022 Q&A

One response on “A chat with Matt Mullenweg: WordCamp US 2022 Q&A

  1. ibelong2u

    Re: Plans to switch Tumblr to WordPress platform (@ 41 minute mark)

    Sharing my thoughts as a long time Tumblr user:

    I think Tumblr is really well positioned with its ability to “quickly” post, with current onboarding much easier than WordPress.com. I think Tumblr can be revived with focus on content discovery. But I worry that switching Tumblr to WordPress.com style publishing experience might nuke its userbase completely. It may be powered by the WordPress engine in the backend if that helps with the performance, but let’s leave the Tumblr’s user experience for publishers alone.

    In fact, I would propose a Tumblr-style experience to be introduced to WordPress.com as an option 🙂

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September 12, 2022

WordPress co-founder, Matt Mullenweg, answers live questions from WordCamp US 2022 attendees.

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