Csaba Varszegi: A talk that nobody wants to hear

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November 17, 2022

Global warming, we hear about it every day: travel less, eat less meat, insulate our homes, … we all know that. But seldom do we hear about the growing impact of the internet and tech in general on climate change: it consumes a lot of electricity and the usage is growing rapidly. Since we’re building the internet, our choices can make a difference. I built globalwarning.blog around this using WordPress. This blog has a tiny carbon footprint with only about 30 KB per page load, and it shows what is practically possible using WordPress. I believe that we can make a big difference by spreading the word and leading by example within, around and outside of WordPress.
I hope to give a look at the big picture and practical tips on what you can do to optimise your website and your digital footprint.

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