Builder basics: demystifying theme.json and global styles

2 responses on “Builder basics: demystifying theme.json and global styles

  1. Nomad Skateboarding

    This filled in a lot of the connections between all the parts of my site I was unsure of. Great presentation as well.

    I would recommend everyone to watch this, regardless of how deep you’ll actually be diving into your theme files. 🙌


  2. connienassioswebworks

    Thank you so much for this! I have been playing around with theme.json and twentytwentythree and was wondering what gets retained when the theme is updated. I still have a question: if I create a child theme with only style.css (or maybe a few theme.json tweaks), will global styles edits be retained in a theme update?


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December 9, 2022

Global Styles (theme.json) is an area of WordPress that has received some of the most enhancements in the last few releases. WordPress 6.1 is no different. This Online Workshop will review how theme.json and Global Styles work while digging into many of the changes in 6.1. This functionality is incredibly powerful and necessary for building WordPress sites that fully support all of the design features in WordPress. Join us for an interactive presentation followed by a group Q&A.

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