Stepping Back To Move Forward

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May 23, 2023

Have you ever felt too ashamed to admit to yourself or others about your state of mind?

I learned that there is nothing ever more important in life than my own health – both physical and mental. There have been many times where my path changed and even when I had to break out of my own life in order to protect my health.

There is a myth that we all have a destiny and that we know it from a young age. Don’t envy those people!

Only by stepping back once in a while and by reconsidering my personal decisions, did I became who I am today: a pioneer who likes new challenges and who needs to reinvent herself from time to time.

Nevertheless, deep inside I am also afraid of change and I struggle with mental health issues. Leaving the comfort zone can be very scary but everything you want lies on the other side of fear.

In this talk, I will give you my insight on why stepping back is important to your progress and to find out who you really are.

We’ll discuss reevaluating personal and professional priorities and values, how to understand when you need a rest, and how to keep your mental health up.

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