Hiring Fresh Graduates to WordPress Content Marketing Jobs – Opportunities, Challenges, and a Way

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September 10, 2023

Content marketing has been a key and highly influential marketing strategy employed by WordPress businesses for a long time. In fact, it’s a pivotal aspect of any online business’s growth strategy.

But if you don’t have a robust content marketing team, then you won’t be able to employ the technique and reap its fruits. So, how can you hire content marketers and start content marketing for your WordPress business? One of the most efficient ways, I believe, is to hire fresh college graduates, train them, and build your dream team of content marketers.

Doing so offers you the greatest opportunity of connecting fresh minds with WordPress jobs and broadly WordPress open-source movement. Second, you create opportunities for the youth in your town or the globe. Third, you’ll get unused brains to study and market your products. The list can go on.

However, there are challenges too. First of all, you must be able to train the interns. Time, effort, and expertise are a must for that.

But you can manage if you really want to succeed. I’ll share some real examples of such internship-based content marketing projects and offer a path you can follow to get started.

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