The Secret Life of Fonts

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September 10, 2023

The topic would cover typography in detail and explore the impact of various fonts on our culture. Typography is one of the essential topics for making human-centered designs and products. The keynote would cover the absolute basics of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and its connection to typography & proper usage of fonts.

The session would beginner-friendly session on making the best use of typography that emphasizes making human-centered designs. I want to show some examples of thoughtful and iconic typography throughout the last few decades and how typography impacts user perception.

Typography plays a big part in how we recognize different brands, texts and how we read specific texts. Typography plays with our subconscious mind, influencing where the user should give more attention than other places. The topic would also cover why accessibility is a big part of any design and why good typography is the heart of accessible design.

Overall, the topic would emphasize choosing proper typography to make better human-centered designs and products, including designers, developers, marketers of WordPress, and the community.

I believe this session can benefit all WordPress users, including developers, designers, and anyone using WordPress. This session will give the audience an idea about the basics of human-centric designs and typography.

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