Why WordPress Should Care About the Creator Economy

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September 10, 2023

The Internet has evolved leaps and bounds since its early inception in the research and academic domain, and on top of it a huge and vibrant open web ecosystem flourished. In just 30 years the web ecosystem has reached levels that were not imagined at the time of its inception. WordPress emerged as part of this evolution with an initial focus on the blogosphere, and it has itself evolved considerably and played a seminal role in the open web across time for almost 20 years. The web of today is vastly different from the past, and we are now in the midst of a web economic “boom” fueled by modern creators and formats fulfilling the needs and desires of new generations of content consumers. In this talk we will distill a brief history of the Internet, the Web, and the Creator Economy, and why and how WordPress is very well positioned to continue its evolution journey and also play a seminal role in the success of modern content creators.

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