Writing for Your Audience: Learning the Art of User Intent Content

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September 10, 2023

The topic will essentially cover key points required to learn the art of crafting user intent content in the business-centric world. The session is intended for beginner-intermediate to Pro level business/marketing writers. My session will enlighten the audience by discussing the following attributes & pointers:

Why writing with one reader in mind is essential
Importance of figuring out the point that matters the most for readers
Questions that you need to ask before you start writing
Discussion on performing the “So What?” test
How you can hold the attention of your readers
Utilizing the power word- YOU
The art of writing less yet saying more
The idea of crafting sentences that sing with your readers
Making sure your message reaches the widest possible audience
Concept of incorporating stories into your business & technical writing
And Finally the method of utilizing Rhetoric, the advanced persuasion technique for business writing

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