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September 20, 2023

In September 2021 the team behind Web3 WP released the first Wapuu NFT (non-fungible token) collection. Wapuu is the lovable, open source, and (un)official mascot of WordPress. Wapuu swag has been created and collected at WordCamps around the world. Web3 WP built a generative art project of 2,222 unique Wapuus that can be minted as an NFT, collected, and traded by the WordPress community on the Ethereum blockchain.

In this talk, I will give an introduction to NFTs in general, how artists and creators can leverage digital collectibles and how I created the Swiss Wapuu NFT Collection that will drop at WordCamp Switzerland 2023. Every WordCamp Switzerland attendee will be eligible to mint a Swiss Wapuu NFT at a very low presale price and receive a t-shirt with the Wapuu they minted. Anybody else will also be able to mint a Swiss Wapuu NFT during the second presale which does not come with the t-shirt, though. This means you have 7 days to mint one of only 27 unique Wapuus, one for each canton.

All you need is a Web3 wallet like Metamask that supports the Polygon blockchain. This is a non-profit NFT project, which means that after covering expenses, all proceeds will be used to support Swiss WordPress meetups and WordCamps.

Just like the Web3 WP Wapuu collection, the Swiss Wapuu NFT collection, is another experiment to explore the intersection of WordPress and Web3.

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