How can any website benefit from WordPress’s editing experience thanks to Gutenberg?

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September 29, 2023

WordPress’s Gutenberg editor offers the amazing intuitive opportunity for developers to decide upon the exact website’s content and design by using blocks.

While it’s indeed used for WordPress development, with the help of precise Rest API and GraphQL engineering the editor’s technology can be implemented for building and editing virtually any website.

I believe this empowers various top-notch technology websites and platforms to benefit from Gutenberg’s and WordPress’s easy usage. Business’s dedicated marketing teams with their never-ending need for flexibility, scalability and speed can quickly make the necessary changes so that the platform can quickly live up to the customers’ standards and expectations.

In my session, I will happily show you the ultimate pathway which brings Gutengerg, WordPress and web development together so that developers could easily benefit from the nearly endless opportunities the CMS offers, regardless of the website in question.

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