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September 29, 2023

Join us for a comprehensive and engaging panel discussion at this year’s WordCamp as we delve into the world of performance optimization in WordPress. Our panelists, representing a diverse range of experience and expertise from site owners to plugin developers to core contributors, will share their insights and thoughts about website speed and overall performance and user experience.

During the panel, we will discuss the common challenges faced when it comes to performance optimization, and how to overcome them. Our panelists will also discuss why performance is critical for a good user experience, and how it can impact the success of a website.

Panelists will discuss the tools and best practices they follow when optimizing performance. We will also discuss how to handle performance challenges specific to different areas, how to balance features vs. their performance impact, and ideas for how we might leverage Gutenberg and Site Editing to improve WordPress performance in the future.

Join us and learn what it takes to take your website or product performance to the next level!

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