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September 30, 2023

Freelancers know the pain of trying to deliver top of the line projects to their clients, while simultaneously trying to build a pipeline of new leads, secure projects, onboard new clients – not to mention all that extra stuff you know you should be doing to scale your business.

When you’re working in services you need systems in place to keep the cogs turning when you’re working with clients, drumming up new business, and even taking some time off (yes, time off!)

In this session, I’m going to show you how creating a system for onboarding can prevent some of your biggest client headaches.

When you’re working on high-touch (and €€€!) projects your process is as important as your deliverables – a great experience gives clients confidence in you, makes them come back time and time again, and gets you those referrals.

But how can you give your clients a high-touch experience from behind a screen? How can you stand out from the fancy in-person agencies with their mimosas and cute office dogs?

In this session I’ll take you through a battle-tested system for onboarding, working with, and off-boarding your clients while giving them a 5-star experience. You’ll learn how to stand out and make remote working a selling point – not a drawback.

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