From Classroom to Community: Empowering Business Students and Small Business Owners with WordPress t

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October 2, 2023

In this session, I will share my experience using WordPress at the Longo Faculty of Business, Humber College, as part of my teaching portfolio and applied research initiatives.

Students’ Digital Portfolios:
As part of our Web Development course, students are tasked with creating their own digital portfolios using WordPress as their major individual midterm assessment for the course. This includes creating the information website, blogging, SEO, as well as repurposing some of the content for social media to establish a robust online presence. The portfolios serve as a valuable asset when they apply for jobs, including both summer internships and post-graduation employment opportunities.

Sustainable Business Websites:
We take our WordPress knowledge beyond the classroom and into the community as we partner with small business owners looking to enhance their online presence through a new or revamped website.
This is an extracurricular activity that is typically funded through Humber College where we engage students from various academic programs and faculties to form a multidisciplinary team that collaborates with industry partners.
We make this a sustainable solution by providing the business owner(s) with training and resources on how to update and maintain their WordPress websites. This includes developing user manuals, video tutorials, and one-on-one training sessions that are recorded for our business partners.

International Development Initiative:
One of the WordPress projects we are most proud of is an international development initiative where we developed a curriculum to teach female refugees in Kenya how to create their own WordPress websites and establish a strong online presence. Through this project, we aimed to empower these women with a valuable skillset and provide them with an opportunity to showcase their talent and entrepreneurial spirit to the world.

Attendees of this session will gain insights into using WordPress within the college setting, for both teaching and applied research purposes. We will discuss the challenges, successes, and lessons learned of these projects and share tips on how to engage students and small business owners in the process.

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