Scale and the Art of Building Products

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October 6, 2023

In the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, the main character sees people struggling with the balance between being uncomfortable with technology while at the same time being dependent on it. This dissonance still exists, especially in web technology. A thriving business needs a proper website, but does it have the required expertise to make a well performing one? Does your client have the time to maintain it? Does it have the money to hire an agency to do it for them?

In the end, will it actually have a well-performing website that serves its needs?

Thinking about this in terms of knowledge allows us to see that an agency’s domain-specific knowledge can be scaled. Its technical knowledge can be scaled. It can scale its entire business by providing knowledge, not time.

I’ll explain how your existing technical expertise, domain-specific knowledge and business acumen plays a big part in scaling your business. That cleverly combining these aspects will allow for you to grow automatically and that your growth isn’t limited by the amount of time you can provide, but rather by the knowledge you can provide in an automated way.

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