Utsav Singh Rathour: Work, Life, and WordPress

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  1. KafleG

    Thank you for sharing the great insights about work and life. I was not able to listen the presentation live, but enjoy watching now.


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October 16, 2023

As we focus on our careers, we tend to neglect a certain aspect of us called Life. A balance of both can in fact take us further and that is what Utsav wants to bring to light. On this topic, Utsav will talk about why Work-Life Balance is important, how one can achieve it, and what companies can do to make it easier for their team members. He will talk about the 8-8-8s and the untold 12-12 of our daily life. Developers tend to have a very hectic and unplanned schedule and most of their work is brain work. They tend to fog their brain hence losing health as well as not being able to deliver. Which is what he will address in this session.

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