The power of leaning into the WordPress block editor

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November 15, 2023

Understanding the WordPress block editor and how to think about what products you choose to add to your WordPress website. How to think about the products, plugins, and themes, we use as we move into the future of WordPress.

With the experience I’ve had working with users building very complex setups in WordPress involving memberships, courses, email list integrations, and more, I’ve noticed users don’t often fully explore the tools they have and what business potential they unlock for their business.

Encouraging users to develop a framework for how they go about exploring the tools they have and are considering adding to their tech stack as it relates to their business needs is something I’ve found helps my clients and customers better grasp how WordPress comes together.

Highlighting how the WordPress block editor and full site editing leans into future developments in the web at large emphasizes what opportunities it creates for WordPress users and changes the perception of “Change is hard and I don’t want to learn a new editing method”

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