Freelancer to MicroAgency: The Journey We’re On

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November 18, 2023

The journey from being a solo freelancer to running a micro-agency is as exciting as it is complex. This transformation involves not only an upgrade in your service offerings but also in your operations, team management, and client relationships. This talk aims to equip freelancers and small business owners with the insights and tools needed to expand into a fully-functioning micro-agency, based on proven strategies and actionable advice.

What You’ll Learn:

– Team Building 101: How to transition from being a ‘one-man-show’ to leading a team.
– Operational Efficiency: Streamlining projects from proposal to delivery.
– Quality over Quantity: Why clarity about what you do and do not do will save you.
– Money Matters: Pricing strategies and financial metrics you can’t afford to ignore.
– Client Relationships: Managing expectations and communication as you grow.
– Legal Aspects: Contracts, compliance, and the legal groundwork needed for an agency.
– Marketing and Branding: Establishing your agency brand vs. your personal brand.
– Technological Scalability: The tools and software that can propel your growth.
– Culture and Leadership: Fostering a culture that keeps your team motivated.
Tips and Recommendations: Tidbits and wisdom you’ll need to make this transition easier.

Who Should Attend:

– Freelancers looking to expand their business
– Small business owners in the WordPress ecosystem
– Agency owners looking to refine their operations
– Anyone interested in the business aspects of WordPress development and services

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