Speakers: Alice Still

  • Alice Still: How We Developed Our Local WordPress Meetup

    WordCamp Europe 2017Speaker: Alice Still

    June 21, 2017 — Alice does copy and content strategy at Unramble. She’s also a co-organiser of Brighton WordPress meetups, one of the co-founders of Brighton Digital Women, and lead organiser of WordCamp Brighton 2017.

    Organising a WordPress meetup in your local area is a great way to meet other people in your community, to bounce ideas off each other, and stay updated with how others are using WordPress. But it can be tricky figuring out how to spread the word and encourage people to attend.

    In this talk, you’ll find out how the organisers of Brighton’s local WordPress meetup, WordUp, created a successful regular monthly event where everyone is welcome.

  • Alice Still: Making Your Website More Inclusive Using Tone – Workshop

    WordCamp London 2017Speaker: Alice Still

    May 30, 2017 — Your website’s tone of voice affects the way your users feel and how they act. So could the language on your site be causing people to feel uncomfortable or excluded?

    We’re going to explore how changing even a few words can make for a much more inclusive website. If time permits, I’ll also present user testing results to illustrate the difference these small changes can have on user diversity.

    This workshop includes:

    • Why and how to create an inclusive tone of voice
    • Tips on improving the UX and accessibility of your writing
    • Examples of subtle changes you can make to your own site(s) and your other marketing channels
    • How online inclusiveness can improve offline diversity