Speakers: András Guseo

  • András Guseo: Faster Support – From Both Sides

    WordCamp Zurich 2019Speaker: András Guseo

    September 19, 2019 — Andras has been working in a dedicated support role for 3.5 years, during which he saw the ins and outs of support. Quick and easy help with fast resolution, as well as long conversations, miscommunication, frustrating issues, angry clients, escalations, and parting. In his talk Andras will give some tips and guidance to both parties — the support agents and the clients — on how providing and asking for support can be made a faster and better experience.

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  • Andras Guseo: Two ways to create a staging site

    WordCamp Lausanne 2018Speaker: András Guseo

    October 9, 2018 — Nobody likes a broken website. Especially website owners. This is why using a staging (test) site is highly recommended, where you can test any changes and updates to your website without disturbing the traffic on your live site or even wrecking it.

    During the workshop I will demonstrate two different methods of setting up a staging site (remote and local) with the help of WordPress plugins and some free software.

  • András Guseo: 4 Tips For A Safe WordPress And Plugin Update

    WordCamp Bern 2017Speaker: András Guseo

    September 23, 2017 — An update for WordPress, themes and plugins should fix things. Right. And it does. Sometimes, however, some new bugs crawl in despite the best efforts and thorough testing. The multitude of installations and different plugin setups makes it impossible to test any plugin in every situation that exists in the world. And sometimes an update produces an error unfortunately, and in some cases even a totally broken site. This is when angry users attack support forums demanding an immediate fix, asking for their money back, giving 1-star ratings, and sending the developers to hell and back. Rightfully so? I don’t think so. Maybe partially. But you can do a lot to prevent an update breaking your live site and putting you out of business.

    So here are my tips for never ever having a broken live website for more than 10 minutes, when doing an update on core WordPress, your theme or your plugins.

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