Speakers: Carme Mias

  • Carme Mias: What are coding standards, and why should you bother?

    WordCamp Edinburgh 2018Speaker: Carme Mias

    April 11, 2019 — If you are a freelancer, adopting Coding Standards for the first time is a bit like taking up exercise: you know it’d do you good, but there’s always some urgent deadline or something else more important to do. After all, your code works, right? So, why bother?

    In this talk, I will tell you why it matters, explain my experience of the process, including the ups and downs, and share a few tricks I have learned on the way that will make your work better and your life easier.

  • Lightning Session Steve Folland, Francesco Canovi, Carme Mias

    WordCamp London 2018Speakers: Steve Folland, Francesco Canovi, Carme Mias

    October 5, 2018 — Own your journey in the tech skill rollercoaster: This talk is a prompt to get you to own your space in the tech world, embrace change and learn to love the journey.

    Managing remote small teams (without going crazy): Black Studio is a company born in 2002 and from the very beginning, the staff has been working remotely. In this talk, the founder provides some lightning tips about how to successfully manage 30+ projects at the same time, while keeping (almost completely) your mental health.

    Freelancers! Don’t Freak Out!: In this talk I share my favourite quotes from my guests.
    I expand on them.
    And hopefully you learn from them, smile at them, nod knowingly at them or feel inspired by them.