Speakers: Francesco Canovi

  • Francesco Canovi: Remote working: sogno o incubo?

    WordCamp Catania 2019Speaker: Francesco Canovi

    November 18, 2019 — Il lavoro da remoto è il sacro graal di molti professionisti del web: libertà, indipendenza, possibilità di viaggiare. Ma lavorare da remoto spesso significa far parte di un team, e questo pone una serie di sfide che possono facilmente trasformare il sogno di libertà, in un incubo. Analizziamo i punti di vista di chi, quotidianamente, lavora come parte di un team remoto: il project manager, lo sviluppatore, il designer, il cliente. Fra difficoltà di comunicazione, soft skills, misurazione delle performances, fiducia, socialità.

  • Lightning Session Steve Folland, Francesco Canovi, Carme Mias

    WordCamp London 2018Speakers: Steve Folland, Francesco Canovi, Carme Mias

    October 5, 2018 — Own your journey in the tech skill rollercoaster: This talk is a prompt to get you to own your space in the tech world, embrace change and learn to love the journey.

    Managing remote small teams (without going crazy): Black Studio is a company born in 2002 and from the very beginning, the staff has been working remotely. In this talk, the founder provides some lightning tips about how to successfully manage 30+ projects at the same time, while keeping (almost completely) your mental health.

    Freelancers! Don’t Freak Out!: In this talk I share my favourite quotes from my guests.
    I expand on them.
    And hopefully you learn from them, smile at them, nod knowingly at them or feel inspired by them.

  • Francesco Canovi, Marco Chiesi: Once upon a time, there was a plugin…

    WordCamp Europe 2018Speakers: Francesco Canovi, Marco Chiesi

    July 11, 2018 — Everyone has a unique story on WordPress. This is the story of a popular plugin (900k+ active installs and 6+ million downloads), but it is also the story of its authors. The butterfly effect applied to open source: how a simple and free plugin can significantly improve your business perspective.

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