Speakers: Dee Teal

  • Dee Teal: Working a World Apart: Navigating Remote Working Professional Relationships 国境を超えて働く – リモートワークで文化を超えて働くこととは

    WordCamp Ogijima 2020Speaker: Dee Teal

    September 21, 2020 — Speaker, Dee Teal is a Project Manager for large-scale WordPress projects at Human Made, where she leads their team of PMs. Dee will participate in WordCamp Ogijima 2020 from Australia where she lives and works remotely.

    Dee will share her challenges she has experienced while working in a full remote, cross global company, and how she and her team has worked to overcome them.

    Dee Tealさんが文化やタイムゾーンを超えて、グローバルに分散したチームで仕事をして学んだことをお話しします。異なる文化・言語を話し、同じ場所や時間にいることが少ない、国を超えた仕事では、あらゆる課題が生まれます。このセッションでは、Deeさんがそうした環境の中で学んだ、真のつながり、共感、そしてハードルを減らして物事を達成していくのに役立つ教訓を紹介します。


  • Dee Teal: Working a World Apart: Navigating Remote Working Professional Relationships

    WordCamp Europe 2019Speaker: Dee Teal

    August 28, 2019 — Dee has been using WordPress as a blogger since 2008, as a web developer since 2009, and has transitioned to being a Project Manager (PM) for large-scale WordPress projects as a ‘Human’ with Human Made where she leads their team of PMs.

    Dee is a huge fan of the WordPress community, organises WordPress events in Australia, and speaks at them whenever she gets the opportunity, both at home and around the world.

  • Dee Teal: Your Client is Not Your Enemy

    WordCamp Sydney 2018Speaker: Dee Teal

    August 19, 2018 — Regardless of its size, the most critical pillar of maintaining and growing your business is going to be servicing clients. For some of us, this is one of the most invigorating parts of what we do, for others, it can be one of the hardest.

    In this talk the speaker will propose answers to the following questions:

    1. How do you keep sensible boundaries with your clients?
    2. How do you say NO without ruining your relationship with your client?
    3. How do you make your client an ally instead of feeling like they’re an interruption?
    4. How will really serving your client actually serve you?

    In the whole gamut of clients, from solopreneurs to international global corporations, one thing is constant, you need your them more than they need you. How this often plays out is that you find yourself bending over backwards to keep them happy… sometimes to your own detriment.

    In this talk you’ll learn how to make yourself indispensable to your clients, without becoming a doormat.

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  • Robert Anderson, Cath Hughes, Dee Teal, Luke Carbis: Panel – Gutenberg and General Q&A

    WordCamp Sydney 2018Speakers: Robert Anderson, Cath Hughes, Dee Teal, Luke Carbis

    August 19, 2018 — Following from Luke’s talk on the Future of Web Content we’re kicking off a special panel on Gutenberg (new WordPress Editor).

    We’ll start by taking Gutenberg specific questions from the audience and field them to our expert panellists, then if we have time we can move on to more general WordPress related questions and issues for our panel to help you with.

  • Dee Teal: Project Management Principles to improve Life, Work, and your Mental Health

    WordCamp Brisbane 2017Speaker: Dee Teal

    August 9, 2018 — Project Management Principles to improve Life, Work, and your Mental Health
    Whether you work alone as a freelancer or solopreneur, as a product maker, a developer, content writer, home maker, blogger, or business owner, there will be times you have to deliver things. It may be a product, it may be a renovation, it may be a website, a bunch of cakes for the PTA cake stall, heck, it could even be a tiny human… but you have made a commitment and now have to deliver..

  • Dee Teal: Keynote: Project Management Principles to improve Work, Life, and your Mental Health

    WordCamp Auckland 2017Speaker: Dee Teal

    November 24, 2017 — This talk will deliver some easy to implement principles you can use in across the board facilitating more efficient, transparent, delivery of your ‘projects’ whatever they may be.

  • Panel: Best Practices In Building Scalable WordPress Platforms

    WordCamp Sydney 2016Speakers: Dee Teal, Rheinard Korf, Dion Beetson, Peter Wilson, Jeremy Kelaher

    April 27, 2017 — WordPress is being used in more and more enterprise level projects, so what are the best practices for building these systems ensuring they scale and perform correctly?

    Our panel of experts are:
    – Dee Teal (MC)
    – Rheinard Korf
    – Dion Beetson
    – Peter Wilson
    – Jeremy Kelaher

    More info about panelists

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  • Dee Teal: Changing Tack – Adjusting Your Sails for the Winds of Change.

    WordCamp Sunshine Coast 2016Speaker: Dee Teal

    December 19, 2016 — It was the Greek Philosopher Heraclitus who said “There is nothing permanent except change” and another, perhaps more well known American philosopher, Billy Crystal who, said “Change is such hard work.” Both of them though millennia apart recognise two existential certainties, change happens and navigating change can be difficult.

    We as WordPress users and developers are navigating an ecosystem that’s rife with change, Matt Mullenweg counselled us in the last State of the Word to Learn Javascript deeply, the REST API is changing the game in terms of what’s possible with WordPress… Furthermore, it’s almost as if every day there’s some new framework, toolkit or productivity hack that could ‘totally change your workflow’. Quite frankly, it’s overwhelming.

    Such looming changes may fill you with either excitement, or dread, so in this talk Dee will be discussing the kinds of ways you can adjust your trajectory, and your mindset to confidently navigate large scale change as it approaches.

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  • Dee Teal: Keys to Growing and Developing your WordPress Meetup

    WordCamp Europe 2016Speaker: Dee Teal

    July 3, 2016 — Once you’ve started a WordPress Meetup the early rush of having people show up and participate is great, but once you’ve started, how do you keep building momentum? What are the secrets to having it continue to grow? Are there tools and tricks to keeping things fresh and interesting? This talk will give 7 primary areas to address in planning your meetup for growth and engagement. Melbourne’s meetup group has grown from a single multidisciplinary monthly event into 4 monthly meetups happening across disciplines, diverse groups, and geographic regions. There have been a lot of learning experiences in raising up leaders for this group, and in maintaining its success. I’ll share some of those lessons in the context of this talk.

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  • Dee Teal: How to Freelance Like a BOSS

    WordCamp Brisbane 2015Speaker: Dee Teal

    September 26, 2015 — Freelancing, on the face of it is an exciting idea. Being your own boss, being the manager of your own time, working from home and basically working for yourself can be incredibly rewarding.

    It can also, however be terrifying. Instead of just being a writer, or a designer, or a developer you now also have to be a bookkeeper, accountant and all round office dogsbody/tea-maker.

    In this talk,those who are already freelancing will be able to check off whether they’re making the most of their time and resources, and beginners will learn how to set themselves up for success.

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