Dee Teal: Your Client is Not Your Enemy

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August 19, 2018

Regardless of its size, the most critical pillar of maintaining and growing your business is going to be servicing clients. For some of us, this is one of the most invigorating parts of what we do, for others, it can be one of the hardest.

In this talk the speaker will propose answers to the following questions:

1. How do you keep sensible boundaries with your clients?
2. How do you say NO without ruining your relationship with your client?
3. How do you make your client an ally instead of feeling like they’re an interruption?
4. How will really serving your client actually serve you?

In the whole gamut of clients, from solopreneurs to international global corporations, one thing is constant, you need your them more than they need you. How this often plays out is that you find yourself bending over backwards to keep them happy… sometimes to your own detriment.

In this talk you’ll learn how to make yourself indispensable to your clients, without becoming a doormat.

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