Speakers: Hannah Smith

  • Hannah Smith: Should I poke the bear or stroke the bear: a guide to setting client expectations

    WordCamp Manchester 2018Speaker: Hannah Smith

    May 15, 2019 — Part of building websites is the business of providing a professional service that helps your client solve problems. But it’s easy to fall into the trap of being eager to please and being too quick to say yes, thinking we’re providing good service to our clients. When it comes to delivering said promises, the once very happy client can turn into a big scary bear that wants you for breakfast when delivery doesn’t go as they expect. Nobody likes or wants to be a big scary bear.

    In this talk we’ll have a look at some techniques on how to tame the bear. We’ll talk through why it’s important to take the time to set expectations upfront and how you can avoid creating a scary bear situation. We’ll explore the balance between poking the bear aka not being afraid to push back, and stroking the bear aka saying yes.

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  • Hannah Smith: Tips and tricks for managing WordPress projects

    WordCamp Manchester 2017Speaker: Hannah Smith

    December 12, 2017 — Searching for WordPress project management on Google brings up tons of articles about tools you can use for managing WordPress projects. Like any tool, if not used correctly, it does more harm than good. Instead of first reaching for a tool to organize your tasks, this talk covers the human behaviours, habits and communication methods that make successful project delivery, no matter what tools you choose to use to organize yourself.