Speakers: Ines van Essen

  • Ines van Essen: Bringing People to WordCamps

    WordCamp Europe 2019Speaker: Ines van Essen

    August 28, 2019 — Ines will explain how DonateWC was born and how the foundation aims to diversify the speaker pool for WordCamps. She will tell her personal story of being a single mom, starting out in the WordPress world without a penny to her name, the effort it took to save up and attend the Community Summit, and changing her life. DonateWC will bring more voices to the WordPress community by levelling the financial playing field, and this benefits us all in the long run.

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  • Ines van Essen: So You’ve Released A WordPress Product…. Now What?

    WordCamp US 2016Speaker: Ines van Essen

    December 12, 2016 — In this talk, I will go through what a lot of developers haven’t thought about: what happens when you actually get customers. Sure, you’ve worked on your product very hard and you’re sure that it’s going to be very good for a lot of people, but have you considered how to respond to complaints? Do you have a crisis plan ready, or are you winging it? Doing customer support well is down to preparation, and I’ll be telling you how.

    I’ll mainly discuss the importance of synchronous communication across platforms, and how to achieve this. It comes down to three different areas:

    1. Tone of voice
    2. Choice of platform
    3. Rules of engagement (how do we, as a company, deal with things)

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  • Ines van Essen: How User Support Can Increase Your Revenue

    WordCamp Netherlands 2015Speaker: Ines van Essen

    October 20, 2015 — Voor veel plugin developers, zeker degenen die niet in teamverband werken, voelt user support vaak als een klusje. Iets wat gedaan moet worden, in plaats van een belangrijk onderdeel van het laten groeien van de user base (en uiteindelijk: het verhogen van sales). Ines verteld over wat er gedaan kan worden om je support proces te verbeteren en te vereenvoudigen, zodat je minder waardevolle tijd verliest.

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