Speakers: Ivaylo Kolbinger Ivanov

  • Ivaylo Kolbinger Ivanov: WordPress deployment with dkdeploy

    WordCamp Sofia 2018Speaker: Ivaylo Kolbinger Ivanov

    December 10, 2018 — A different approach deploying your code on the server.
    The talk would present a WordPress deployment process with the help of the capistrano based deployment tool dkdeploy (https://dkdeploy.github.io/).
    Simple rollback scenario, granular file permissions, a automated maintenance page during every deployment, stage specific configuration – if you face such challenges during your daily work, the talk will give you a brief introduction how dkdeploy solves such issues and helps you keep focused on that what makes you a developer – coding.
    And guess what, it’s open source!
    So, you need a custom feature in your workflow, then code it. Or probably some automated user acceptance tests – then simply integrate it.

  • Vineet Talwar, and Ivaylo Kolbinger Ivanov: Supercharge your WordPress website with Apache Solr

    WordCamp Frankfurt 2016Speakers: Vineet Talwar, Ivaylo Kolbinger Ivanov

    September 7, 2016 — This session will be about integrating Apache Solr with WordPress, why and when Apache Solr should be preferred instead of WordPress default search and what is the easiest way to implement it. The session will further throw some light on comparison of default WordPress Search and Apache Solr wordpress search. In the end, there would be a live demo on how to integrate Apache Solr into WordPress with hosted-solr.com .