Speakers: Jan Dembowski

  • Isabelle Garcia: WordCamp Asia Coming Soon?

    WordCamp US 2016Speakers: Jan Dembowski, Sakin Shrestha, Jon Ang, Harshad Mane

    January 26, 2017 — “What is your wish for WP in 2017?” That was one of the questions the VINUBIS crew and I asked to our interviewees at WordCamp US.

    From “more REST API” and “better user experience”, to “improved theme or plugin repositories,” we got a little bit of all! Just watch all our WCUS interviews on the VINUBIS Video Editor Youtube channel.

    A few interesting conversations arose around the growth of the Asian WordPress community. Some of the main representatives of this community were present at WCUS and they shared with us their hopes for a “WordCamp Asia.” Probably not in 2017, but hopefully in 2018, as they all explain in this video.