Speakers: Jon Ang

  • Jon Ang, Mike Schroder, Noel Tock: WordPress のコア開発者・コミュニティリーダー・サービス開発者だけど質問ある?

    WordCamp Tokyo 2017Speakers: Jon Ang, Mike Schroder, Noel Tock

    September 28, 2017 — Mike, Jon, and Noel will be having an AMA session together. The audience and facilitator will be asking questions on their expertise, which may include their involvement in the WordPress communities, running a SaaS product using WordPress, WordPress hosting trend, and more.

    マイク、ジョン、ノエルの3人が「AMA(Ask Me Anything)」スタイルであらゆる疑問に答えるセッション。客席やセッションモデレーターが彼らの専門分野についての質問を投げかけます。WordPress コミュニティへの参加、WordPress を使った SaaS プロダクトの運用、WordPress ホスティングの最新トレンドなどについて、聞きたいことがある方はぜひ用意してきてください。

  • Panel Discussion: はじめてさん大歓迎!WordPress を支えている人に会ってみよう

    WordCamp Tokyo 2017Speakers: Jon Ang, Kucklu Kululugi, Hijili Kosugi, Yuko Toriyama, Takayuki Miyauchi

    September 24, 2017 — ランチを食べながら、もうちょっとWordPress のことを深く知ってみませんか?
    WordPress って、そもそも誰が作ったの?どういう風に更新されてるの?テーマやプラグインは誰が作ってるの?WordCampってどういう人が何のために開催しているの?
    また、はじめてさんでもできる「WordPress を使い始めたら 感謝を伝えよう」のミニセッションもあります。

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  • Jon Ang: WordPress in Asia – Growth and Future

    WordCamp Kyoto 2017Speaker: Jon Ang

    June 29, 2017 — The WordPress market in America is saturated. The growth in Europe is growing very, very quickly. The next growth for WordPress will be in Asia. Are the Asian Communities and companies ready for this growth? In this talk, I will talk how companies can begin to help build a new power base for WordPress in Asia. I will also talk about how this links into community building and how these 2 ‘powers’ will effectively shape. I would also like to talk about how the Japanese development community and industry is different from the rest of Asia and the World and how it could be both a blessing (within Japan) and a problem for Japanese companies to break out of Japan.

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  • Isabelle Garcia: WordCamp Asia Coming Soon?

    WordCamp US 2016Speakers: Jan Dembowski, Sakin Shrestha, Jon Ang, Harshad Mane

    January 26, 2017 — “What is your wish for WP in 2017?” That was one of the questions the VINUBIS crew and I asked to our interviewees at WordCamp US.

    From “more REST API” and “better user experience”, to “improved theme or plugin repositories,” we got a little bit of all! Just watch all our WCUS interviews on the VINUBIS Video Editor Youtube channel.

    A few interesting conversations arose around the growth of the Asian WordPress community. Some of the main representatives of this community were present at WCUS and they shared with us their hopes for a “WordCamp Asia.” Probably not in 2017, but hopefully in 2018, as they all explain in this video.

  • Jon Ang: Into the WordPress Team and Community / WordPress のチームに、コミュニティに飛び込もう

    WordCamp Tokyo 2016Speaker: Jon Ang

    September 25, 2016 — The WordPress Organisation is made up of various teams that make the entire ecosystem work. There’s a lot more than contributing code to making WordPress.org and helping WordPress grow.

    I will be speaking about the various teams of WordPress, what they do, how they work with each other and more importantly how one can join. Plus a little story of how I joined and how it affected me professionally.

    エコシステム全体がうまくいっているのは、WordPress がたくさんのチームによって組織されているからです。WordPress.org や WordPress 自体の成長に貢献する方法は、コードを書くことだけではなく、もっといろいろな形があるのです。WordPress の各種チームについて、彼らが何をしているのか、チーム同士がどのように連携しているのか、そしてもっとも重要な参加方法について、このセッションで話します。それから、私自身がどのように参加するようになり、それが私の職業人生にどのような影響を与えてくれたのかという小さな物語も少し語ります。

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