Speakers: Katherine White

  • Katherine White: Responsible Tracking: Learning from Your Users Without Being Creepy

    WordCamp US 2019Speaker: Katherine White

    November 14, 2019 — This talk will expose some touch points that you can leverage with WordPress to help you learn about your users and how they interact with your site. We’ll discuss tools that move beyond just your analytics platform to help you gain access to these insights, and we’ll walk through some core features of Google Analytics that you may not be aware of.

    Leaving this session, you’ll have a better understanding of the types of tracking tools, the information you can glean from them, and how to ensure your data tracking is responsible, transparent, and accessible.

  • Katherine White: Documentation for Developers

    WordCamp US 2017Speaker: Katherine White

    December 8, 2017 — Developers who love to write docs are pretty rare. But documentation is a critically necessary evil throughout a site’s life, from initial development through to ongoing support and enhancements. How much documentation is too much? Not enough? As developers, how can we produce meaningful documentation that supports our code and sets it up for success once it launches out into the world… without making ourselves completely crazy in the process?

    We’ll explore a structure for documenting your codebase, the components of strong documentation, and how these project artifacts evolve over time.