Speakers: Mikel King

  • Mikel King: High Performance WordPress Part Duex

    WordCamp Buffalo 2019Speaker: Mikel King

    May 8, 2019 — Description: Session Abstract:
It has been 5 yrs since High Performance WordPress and a lot has changed. This is an updated talk with new material that builds on the lessons learned in my 2014 WCNYC talk. There is a discussion about theme and plugin design.

Teach developers how to design with performance in mind. How should you structure your theme and plugin code to not be a bottle neck to page load time. What are some of the tools you can use to analyze your code to improve the efficiency. 

This talk is also a good session for non devs to catch some Zzzzz (just kidding), but seriously devs will be on the edge of their seats taking notes and learning new stuff.

    Site owners/maintainers will learn about important concepts like CDN configurations and tools they can use so that they may have informed discussions with their developers/consultants.


  • Mikel King: words

    WordCamp NYC 2017Speaker: Mikel King

    February 18, 2018 — Subtitle: words – the foundation of creating compelling site copy

    Selecting the right words is absolutely critical to a great user experience and the most impactful change you can make to your site copy. They are actually more important that proper grammatical punctuation and can elevate a conversation from mundane to exceptional, simply by making some carefully selections based upon the target audience.

    Attendees will learn how to elevate their site copy, saying so much more by utilizing efficient terminology, impactful phraseology and concise language.

  • Panel Discussion: Designing for WordPress in 2015

    WordCamp NYC 2015Speakers: Michael Arestad, Sarah Whinnem, Mel Choyce, Mikel King

    December 20, 2015 — Join WordPress designers Sarah Whinnem, Michael Arestad, and Mel Choyce, along with moderator Mikel King, as they chat about designing modern WordPress websites and applications. What tools do they use? What are their thoughts on design trends? What do their design processes look like? What are the best techniques for designing responsively?

  • Mikel King: High Performance WordPress

    WordCamp NYC 2014Speaker: Mikel King

    November 3, 2014 — The challenges of scaling WordPress depend on many factors. This session centers on three factors that are most often overlooked or misunderstood:
    1. Choosing the right caching system
    2. Tuning and clustering mysql
    3. Tuning apache

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