Mikel King: High Performance WordPress Part Duex

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May 8, 2019

Description: Session Abstract:
It has been 5 yrs since High Performance WordPress and a lot has changed. This is an updated talk with new material that builds on the lessons learned in my 2014 WCNYC talk. There is a discussion about theme and plugin design.

Teach developers how to design with performance in mind. How should you structure your theme and plugin code to not be a bottle neck to page load time. What are some of the tools you can use to analyze your code to improve the efficiency. 

This talk is also a good session for non devs to catch some Zzzzz (just kidding), but seriously devs will be on the edge of their seats taking notes and learning new stuff.

Site owners/maintainers will learn about important concepts like CDN configurations and tools they can use so that they may have informed discussions with their developers/consultants.


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