Speakers: Rebecca Wyatt

  • Tori Peterson and Rebecca Wyatt: Decentralized Content Strategy For The National Park Service

    WordCamp D.C. 2017Speakers: Tori Peterson, Rebecca Wyatt

    November 21, 2017 — The National Park Service’s Common Learning Portal allows members of the NPS workforce to find formal training, informal learning resources, and communities of learning all in one website. Due to the decentralized culture of the National Park Service, educational content for the portal comes from a vast network of subject matter experts and learning and development professionals.

    Members of the NPS workforce who contribute to the varied Content Teams have many goals for doing so – ranging from an online platform to advertise formal training, to a collaborative work group facilitating organizational culture change.

    In the workshop you will:
    – See a demonstration of the WordPress features which The National Park Service has implemented to support decentralized content teams.
    – Hear about the robust training initiative which NPS staff successfully implemented to support a custom technical training and content strategy for each content team.
    – Discuss the benefits to engaging decentralized content teams as it pertains to platform adoption and organizational change management.