Speakers: Rodrigo Donini

  • Rodrigo Donini: Interacting With WordPress w/ Raspberry Pi + REST API

    WordCamp Miami 2018Speaker: Rodrigo Donini

    January 23, 2019 — Interacting With WordPress w/ Raspberry Pi + REST API

    This talk explains through an example the possibilities around the REST API of WordPress.

    We can create any kind of integration with WordPress, it’s possible to create external systems to manage all the content and information behind the CMS.

    This talk uses a small device with a microprocessor, like Raspberry Pi or Tessel to show the possibility of the integrations of WordPress with IOT.

    In this specific case, I’ll interact with the crowd, asking them to scream very loud, and if they reach a number of decibels some post will be published inside the CMS by the integration with the WP REST API, and they can see live in the address that I will share with them during the talk.

    I’ll explain briefly how it works the WP REST API and how this integration was made.

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  • Rodrigo Donini: Livin’ La Vida WordPress

    WordCamp Porto Alegre 2017Speaker: Rodrigo Donini

    October 23, 2017 — [Português]
    Rodrigo Donini vai falar de sua experiência e esclarecer dúvidas sobre uma questão que muitos que são programadores freelancer se fazem: “é possível ganhar a vida com WordPress, trabalhando remotamente para empresas internacionais e aumentado sua qualidade de vida?”

    Rodrigo Donini talks about his experience and clears some doubts about the subject: It’s possible to work with WordPress remotely for international companies and increase your quality of life?

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  • Rodrigo Donini: Tips to Shield Your WP Site

    WordCamp Toronto 2017Speaker: Rodrigo Donini

    October 19, 2017 — How to increase security and protect your WordPress site against possible attacks. Rodrigo Donini share some of his experiences in projects he has already worked on.

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  • WordPress Community Interview With Marco Andrei Kichalowsky, Rodrigo Donini, Gustavo Tagliassuchi a

    WordPress Community Interview SeriesSpeakers: Marco Andrei Kichalowsky, Rodrigo Donini, Gustavo Tagliassuchi, Eduardo Pittol

    June 5, 2017 — When I first contacted Marco Andre about doing an interview, he stated that he would like to have some of the other organizers sit in and take part in the interview.

    I did not realize how lucky I would get to interview the group while they were preparing for their Meetup.

    Marco Andrei, Rodrigo, Gustavo and Eduardo were part of the ograinzing team for WordCamp Porto Alegre, which was held on May 6thof this year. WordCamp Porto Alegre has been held twice in the past few years and this group hopes to make this an annual event.

    We talk about their involvement in the WordPress Community, as well as being involved in other tech related groups in their area.

    In preparation for their evening Meetup, Marco Andrei, Rodrigo, Gustavo and Eduardo had prepared a cake and cupcakes to celebrate the 14th anniversary of WordPress.