Rodrigo Donini: Interacting With WordPress w/ Raspberry Pi + REST API

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January 23, 2019

Interacting With WordPress w/ Raspberry Pi + REST API

This talk explains through an example the possibilities around the REST API of WordPress.

We can create any kind of integration with WordPress, it’s possible to create external systems to manage all the content and information behind the CMS.

This talk uses a small device with a microprocessor, like Raspberry Pi or Tessel to show the possibility of the integrations of WordPress with IOT.

In this specific case, I’ll interact with the crowd, asking them to scream very loud, and if they reach a number of decibels some post will be published inside the CMS by the integration with the WP REST API, and they can see live in the address that I will share with them during the talk.

I’ll explain briefly how it works the WP REST API and how this integration was made.

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