Speakers: Wendy Pease

  • Wendy Pease: You Want it in WHAT Language?

    WordCamp Boston 2019Speaker: Wendy Pease

    November 3, 2020 — Have you been asked to translate your website(s) yet? If not, the question is coming soon. The US has 4.3% of the world’s population and yet, less than 5% of US companies export. Plus, nearly half the population in the top 5 US cities don’t speak English at home. Being able to research and buy online has blasted open multilingual lead generation and customer acquisition opportunities leading many companies to become “accidental exporters”. If your (or your client’s) website isn’t translated and you aren’t doing multilingual marketing, you are losing out. In this session, learn how to develop a multilingual communications strategy, leverage WordPress with translation technologies, and figure out the right process to get the quality you need.