Speakers: Zach Stepek

  • Zach Stepek: eCommerce Speed Demon - How To Break The Speed Barrier

    Zach Stepek: eCommerce Speed Demon – How To Break The Speed Barrier

    WordCamp Nashville 2016Speaker: Zach Stepek

    March 18, 2017 — In eCommerce, speed is your most important metric. Mere milliseconds can mean the difference between a sale and an abandoned cart, which could mean millions of dollars in lost sales. I’ve spent a good portion of the last three years in pursuit of page speed, exploring caching, virtual machines, hosting platforms, SSL negotiation time, CSS preprocessing, minification, inline styles and WooCommerce optimizations with the goal of sub-one second pageloads. Using real-world examples, I’ll show you the results I’ve been able to achieve and how to replicate them yourself.

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  • Zach Stepek: So, You Want To Sell Online?

    Zach Stepek: So, You Want To Sell Online?

    WordCamp Waukesha 2017Speaker: Zach Stepek

    February 7, 2017 — So, You Want To Sell Online? Or, A Brief Treatise on the Complexities, Pitfalls, Processes, Patterns, Thoughts and Dreams of a Modern eTailer – And Some Tech, Too.

    Ah, the allure of running an eCommerce business. Sipping drinks on the beach while a third party logistics company, or Amazon, does all the work. Living the dream, right?

    Maybe. Eventually. The reality is that it takes putting a lot of pieces in place in the right way while juggling your financial stability to start and sustain a modern eTailer, just like any other business. Competition is everywhere. Knockoffs are rampant. Trademarks are harder than ever to defend. You have to wear a lot of hats. Inventor, technologist, marketer, social media manager, customer whisperer, warehouse manager, shipping guru, packaging expert… the list goes on!

    In this session, we’re going to take a 50,000 foot look at the systems, tools and knowledge needed to launch a successful eCommerce store in 2017. There’s no way we can cover it all, but you’ll leave ready to conquer your corner of the eCommerce world!

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