Zach Stepek: eCommerce Speed Demon – How To Break The Speed Barrier

4 responses on “Zach Stepek: eCommerce Speed Demon – How To Break The Speed Barrier

  1. Luke Cavanagh

    A really good talk.

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  2. Luke Cavanagh

    Does HTTP/2 actually increase HTTP request load times in real-world testing?

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  3. Zach Stpeek

    Thank you for your feedback, Luke! It’s really appreciated. From everything I’ve seen, yes, on a well architected site HTTP/2 will make things load faster due to the lack of artificial limitations. The limitations were there for good reasons, we’ve just outgrown them with the pace of high-speed internet adoption. Even with the added overhead of an SSL handshake as a requirement, just moving to HTTP/2 should shave hundreds of milliseconds off of your load time.

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  4. Luke Cavanagh

    Seems like easy performance gains then.

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March 18, 2017

In eCommerce, speed is your most important metric. Mere milliseconds can mean the difference between a sale and an abandoned cart, which could mean millions of dollars in lost sales. I’ve spent a good portion of the last three years in pursuit of page speed, exploring caching, virtual machines, hosting platforms, SSL negotiation time, CSS preprocessing, minification, inline styles and WooCommerce optimizations with the goal of sub-one second pageloads. Using real-world examples, I’ll show you the results I’ve been able to achieve and how to replicate them yourself.

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