‘A/B Testing’ Videos

  • Sonja Jaakkola: Designing for conversion

    WordCamp Europe 2020Speaker: Sonja Jaakkola

    June 21, 2020 — While working as a digital sales consultant (as a designer and developer) for several years, Sonja has been able to work with a variety of companies and helped them to increase their sales online. In this talk she will quickly go through the basics of growth hacking from a designer’s point of view.
    She will open up the mindset of business-driven design, give tips on how to design for better conversion in digital channels and how to measure the impact of the designs via A/B testing. The talk will include some real-life design examples and A/B testing results.

  • Ruth Raventós: A/B testing – the art of building better websites with science!

    WordCamp Europe 2020Speaker: Ruth Raventos

    June 19, 2020 — After spending enough time working with WordPress, you end up developing a sixth sense of what works and what doesn’t work. For example, experience allows us to distinguish good ideas from bad ones, or a professional web design from a poor quality one.
    However, if you want to build a profitable WordPress site, why rely solely on your instincts when you could rely on objective measures implementing an A/B test? In this talk Ruth will present why A/B tests are important and the types of tests you might want to do on your own websites. She will spend some time reviewing an A/B checklist to discover what things to test and will provide some implemented test examples and their results.

  • Ross Johnson: Running Your First A/B Test with Google Optimize

    WordCamp Jackson 2019Speaker: Ross Johnson

    December 19, 2019 — There are countless examples of how simple changes have made a dramatic improvement in website performance. Website owners have found that changing the wording on their “add to cart” buttons can increase sales by 30% or even more. Simply changing the imagery or messaging in your hero area has increased online leads by over 100%. You’ll never “guess” your way into a high performing website, you need to run tests and see what performs better. This may sound hard, but it’s really not. In this talk I’ll show you how to start your first and second A/B test. An A/B test is where you test two different variations of the same page. While this may sound complicated it can be done in minutes and without any custom programming through a free tool called Google Optimize.

  • Léon Fisel: Splittesting in WordPress

    WordCamp Stuttgart 2019Speaker: Léon Fisel

    November 16, 2019 — Unfortunately the slides were not recorded due to a technical problem. Please have a look at the linked slides.

    Short Lightningtalk with a short insight into the idea behind a split test, what has to be considered and how a split test can be implemented in WordPress.

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  • Pablo Moratinos: Pablo Moratinos: A/B Testing con WordPress

    WordCamp Valencia 2019Speaker: Pablo Moratinos

    October 21, 2019 — Para tomar decisiones de diseño, copywriting o negocio en tu web con WordPress, nada mejor que basarte en datos fiables. La intuición puede ayudarte pero también puede hacerte perder mucho dinero.

    Los test A/B y multivariante son herramientas que permiten validar una hipótesis de mejora en tu sitio web, tu newsletter o incluso tus campañas de Facebook y Google Ads, con ciertas garantías de éxito.

    En esta charla descubrirás cuándo son adecuados los test a/b, cómo diseñarlos, cómo crearlos en WordPress y cómo saber cuándo son concluyentes sus resultados.

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  • Mike Demo: A/B Testing: Which Way Does Your Duck Face?

    WordCamp Riverside 2017Speaker: Mike Demo

    September 16, 2019 — “Do you know that if you have a picture of a duck having it face left or right can increase your conversions by 40%?

    Think this sounds silly? It is but backed by research. Spend some time to learn about what a/b testing is, what things to test, testing methodology and the best tools to use for your site.

    Everyone will get a handout of the very same checklist I use when A/B testing our client’s sites. One of our clients, an insurance company, increased leads by making just a small 2px change.

    When you launch a website, you are guessing. Sure the guesses are educated based on experience and data, but you can maximize your ROI with good A/B testing.”

  • Mike Demo: A/B Testing – Which Way Does your Duck Face?

    WordCamp Vancouver 2018Speaker: Mike Demo

    August 9, 2019 — When you launch a website, do you know what works? You don’t; you’re guessing. Your guesses may be based on experience and education, but with good A/B testing you can also make decisions based upon data. For example, do you know that even the way a duck’s face points (left versus right) could increase your conversions by 40%? As a case study, one of our clients, an insurance company, increased leads by making just a small 2px change. In this talk, we will spend some time review the A/B checklist I personally use to guide you on your journey to discover what things to test, testing methodology, and the best tools to use for your clients sites.

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  • Brian Hall: A-B Testing in WordPress

    WordCamp Atlanta 2019Speaker: Brian Hall

    June 26, 2019 — If you’re building profitable WordPress sites for yourself or client, you can increase their value and improve user experience through A/B testing. This talk will walk you through the basic technical, statistical, and strategic concepts you’ll need to get started and close with a survey of tools you can use – including one that’s fully integrated into WordPress.

  • Alessandro Frangioni: Digital Strategies: A/B Test e Landing Page in WordPress con Instapage e Google Optimize

    WordCamp Rome 2018Speaker: Alessandro Frangioni

    April 11, 2019 — Creare una strategia di web marketing sfruttando WordPress come base di tutto e integrando tool di A/B Test come Google Optimize in grado di fare varianti a/b e testi multivariati con pochi passaggi, tutti con interfaccia grafica.

    In più vedremo come integrare Instapage come piattaforma per le landing, indispensabili per le strategie di digital advertising e SEO.