‘Agile’ Videos

  • What is “Hybrid Agile” and why is it helpful in larger organizations

    WordCamp Montclair 2022Speaker: Nici Catton

    August 21, 2022 — Learn how Hybrid Agile has been successfully utilized at large organizations such as Penske Media and the BBC. Find out how you can bring the benefits of Agile to your own projects.

  • Kartik Shukla: How Agile WordPress Project Management Helps in Improving Productivity?

    WordCamp Europe 2021Speaker: Kartik Shukla

    July 26, 2021 — A key focus is an Agile methodology. This can help achieve productivity through increased collaboration and responsiveness to customer/client inquiries and requests.

    Agile project management is all about planning the whole of a product in detail before developing it.

    The idea is to break complex tasks into manageable tasks that are planned out in detail. A time estimate is assigned to each task. This list of tasks is documented to record the initial estimates and a deadline.

    Agile really helps any WordPress projects and ensured that despite the volume of projects, everything remains on track.

  • Dhara Masani: Agile Development Process

    WordCamp India 2021Speaker: Dhara Masani

    March 22, 2021 — In the session, Dhara talks about what Agile development process is, and how it differs from other processes. She will also share more information on different execution needs, reviewing restrospective work, and to keep motivation going during the agile process – especially in a scenario where employees are working remotely.

  • Taleha Khan: Applying Agile Framework in Blogging

    WordCamp Kolkata 2019Speaker: Taleha Khan

    April 10, 2019 — “It is quite bewildering when a Software Engineer are inclined in creative off-beat niches like photography , radio or blogging!
    But what people forget is that a Software Engineer will always think the Engineering way.
    Working in a well knit Agile Development Environment , getting less time for side hustles , what I came up was an idea that changed my life…
    Not only it can be applied to every aspect of life but also to Content Marketing and Blogging.
    My Talk will discuss all about the Agile Framework in depth that can make blogging and content marketing interesting!”

  • Aleksandar Savkovic: Agile Culture not Agile Frameworks

    WordCamp Sofia 2018Speaker: Aleksandar Savkovic

    December 10, 2018 — How to create an environment and atmosphere that can support Agile frameworks, how to change the mindset and how to handle the team that you inherited.

  • Marek Beniak: Agilní metodiky vývoje aplikací od Marek Beniak

    WordCamp Prague 2017Speaker: Marek Beniak

    July 28, 2018 — Jsem šéfem oddělení vývoje na Heureka.cz, kde se snažím dosáhnout nejlepších výsledků pomocí agilních metodik. O těch bych se rád s vámi podělil na mé přednášce, která bude zaměřená nejen pro team leadery, ale i pro vývojáře, protože je třeba, aby každý v týmu pochopil svou roli a k tomu právě pomáhají agilní metodiky.

    Ve volném čase rozvíjím své kulinářské dovednosti a starám se o své psí spřežení.

  • Jim Bowes: Introduction to Agile

    WordCamp London 2017Speaker: Jim Bowes

    June 2, 2017 — Jim Bowes is a Scrum coach, regular speaker at Agile events and CEO of Manifesto Digital. Manifesto uses Agile methods to deliver bespoke digital solutions to organisations such as Cancer Research UK, Unicef UK and the National Trust. He’s used WordPress for over 8 years and loves converting people to its simplicity and the speed at which great sites can be created.
    Jim Bowes introduced the Agile project management – covering both KanBan and Scrum. He Covered a little around history, Agile vs Waterfall and examples from real projects.

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  • Mike Toppa: The Promise and Peril of Agile and Lean Practices

    WordCamp Nashville 2016Speaker: Mike Toppa

    March 18, 2017 — Agile practices such as Scrum, and Lean practices such as Kanban, have become some of the biggest buzzwords in tech, and are top keyword in job descriptions. But they’re also frequently misunderstood, and constantly argued about online, which can make them seem intimidating and confusing. They can affect everything from how you write code, to how you organize your work, and how you relate to your customers. I can’t cover everything about them in a single talk, but I can explain some core Agile and Lean concepts, and how to go about trying them out in a way that can maximize their benefits while minimizing risk and disruption to your work. I’ll share insights from hard-won experiences bringing Agile and Lean practices to several different companies and consultancies where I’ve worked. While some of these practices are tremendously beneficial for WordPress work, others can cause confusion, and even harm if you try to suddenly force them into a typical WordPress development environment. I’ll do Q&A with the audience through most of the talk, as every workplace has unique challenges, and I want to make sure the talk addresses what’s on people’s minds and the challenges they are dealing with, whether they’re issues with difficult customers, deadline pressures, too many bugs, project management difficulties, etc.

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  • Betsy Cohen: The Agile WordPress Shop

    WordCamp Phoenix 2016Speaker: Betsy Cohen

    October 28, 2016 — You’ve heard the buzz words… Perhaps you’ve considered incorporating agile concepts into your WordPress shop’s processes. But is it the best methodology for small teams? Does it even work for freelancers? For managing multiple projects? For support? The best project management methodology is the one that works. And that’s going to be different for every team. In this talk we’ll look at the principles & tools of agile development — including sprint, scrum, and burn-down. We’ll share examples of how small businesses and freelancers can adopt specific agile processes to increase productivity and create better results for clients.

  • Marcelo Granados: Why WordPress Is a Good Fit on Agile Environments

    WordCamp Hamilton 2016Speaker: Marcelo Granados

    June 17, 2016 — This talk will cover two main sections:

    1.- What is Agile? I will go through the 12 principles of the Agile manifesto, explaining what is Agile and how important it is on websites development projects

    2.- Why WordPress is a good fit? I will explain how WordPress as a mature platform is a perfect fit to:

    – Satisfy the customer,
    – Involve changes even late on development,
    – Deliver working software frequently,
    – Team content collaboration,
    – Release features frequently, allowing progress through the project,
    – And because of the platform itself, how easy is to integrate any kind of projects from a simple blog through a complex e-commerce solution.