Taleha Khan: Applying Agile Framework in Blogging

2 responses on “Taleha Khan: Applying Agile Framework in Blogging

  1. Manish Narang

    Awesome Taleha. Proud to have you known in person!!


  2. Natasha

    Taleha I have never met a person like you, i still remember how patiently you explained everything in the break without bothering to have your tea. Inspite of being so talented and someone so known you are so kind and down to earth.Thanks for all the help


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April 10, 2019

“It is quite bewildering when a Software Engineer are inclined in creative off-beat niches like photography , radio or blogging!
But what people forget is that a Software Engineer will always think the Engineering way.
Working in a well knit Agile Development Environment , getting less time for side hustles , what I came up was an idea that changed my life…
Not only it can be applied to every aspect of life but also to Content Marketing and Blogging.
My Talk will discuss all about the Agile Framework in depth that can make blogging and content marketing interesting!”

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