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  • Chip Edwards: What Does Your Brand Look Like in a Voice First World-

    Chip Edwards: What Does Your Brand Look Like in a Voice First World-

    WordCamp Atlanta 2019Speaker: Chip Edwards

    June 26, 2019 — With the explosive adoption of Smart Speakers, the primary interaction with your content will become auditory instead of visual. On the world wide web, your brand revolves around a URL, logo, tagline, color palette, font, images, etc., but when your audience is no longer seeing your content, traditional brand elements become invisible. In a voice first environment, when your audience just asks for what they want, they expect the answer to be returned verbally. In a voice first world, what does your brand look like, (I mean, sound like)? In this talk, I explore the components of a verbal brand, how to prepare for the shift from written content to verbal content, as well as the future of voice technology and how to prepare for it.

  • William Jackson: Strategies Beyond SEO and Google to Build Your Brand and Market Your Social Media Awesomeness

    William Jackson: Strategies Beyond SEO and Google to Build Your Brand and Market Your Social Media Awesomeness

    WordCamp Birmingham 2018Speaker: William Jackson

    January 2, 2019 — The discussion topics will range in areas of:

    The difference between your and the public’s perception of how valuable and relevant your content is as a content creator.
    How to connect across generational lines for increased engagement.
    Defining and understanding the dynamics of SoLoMoCo Social engagement, Local activism, Mobile digital technology, Community perceptions and expectations.
    Accepting diversity in gender, culture, generational usage of technology and age is a good thing.
    Applying new learning to be a digital leader on and offline.
    Don’t rely just on SEO, conventional marketing, and analytics.

    The ability to connect with the diversity of Social Media can mean increased exposure, new clients, expanding your content into diverse markets, broadening the scope of your Brand. Content creators and digital innovators must be aware of the perceptions of others that are viewing, reading, digesting, comprehending and enjoying content.

    Social Media is designed to be engaging, fun and embracing the diversity of thinking.

    Everyone has the potential to be awesome on social media because of their authentic content.

  • William Jackson: How to be Dope and Lit on Social Media – Be an Online Community Activist

    William Jackson: How to be Dope and Lit on Social Media – Be an Online Community Activist

    WordCamp D.C. 2017Speaker: William Jackson

    November 11, 2017 — Now that you have a WordPress site and your blogging what are you going to do with it? Deciding on what to blog on is not as complicated as it sounds. Determine what you are passionate about, think about what your excited about in your community and how you can bring about engagement and collaboration.

    You have a voice that needs to be heard and using WordPress is an awesome tool to use. Creating a Brand is a promise that your content is important and an invitation to not only follow, but to be engaged, involved, contributory and active.

    Bill Gates stated, “content is king,” and content runs the world. “How to be Dope and Lit on Social Media” is a way to share dynamic and diverse content that inspires and motivates: to move people to go beyond their every day lives and engage to bring change. Every person has a voice and that voice deserves to be heard using the diversity of platforms, tools and digital devices available.

  • Laura Willis: Creating Your Personal Brand - The Power of Connection and Communication for Success

    Laura Willis: Creating Your Personal Brand – The Power of Connection and Communication for Success

    WordCamp Boston 2017Speaker: Laura Willis

    August 16, 2017 — Are you ready to take your next step, and want to have a competitive edge? Do you want to do more work that you love, and have more success while doing it? Do you want to thrive in your current job? Learn how uncovering your personal brand can have a direct impact on getting more of what you want – it’s a combination of art and science.

    In this interactive session you’ll learn:

    What a personal brand is and why it’s important
    Why passion is critical – and contagious
    Who your “target audience” is and the value you bring to them
    Identify how you “show up”and the perception you create
    How to apply the science and power of connection
    When you uncover your authentic personal brand, you get clearer about the vision you have for your life, how you want to live it and achieve it.

  • John Centofanti: Brand Positioning - Growing Your Business by Finding Your Niche

    John Centofanti: Brand Positioning – Growing Your Business by Finding Your Niche

    WordCamp Kent 2017Speaker: John Centofanti

    July 10, 2017 — If your marketing isn’t working, it might be because you haven’t properly branded your business. This session will cover how to develop your own brand, how to position it in the marketplace and attract the right clients.

    This session will be a condensed version of the work we do with all new clients to prepare their business for effective marketing.

  • Nathan Weller: 7 Keys to an Effective Content Strategy

    Nathan Weller: 7 Keys to an Effective Content Strategy

    WordCamp San Diego 2017Speaker: Nathan Weller

    May 6, 2017 — In this talk Nathan B. Weller will outline and explain the seven essential elements every content strategy should consist of and provide a blueprint for creating your own.

  • Eric Kuznacic: Brand-building with Social Media

    Eric Kuznacic: Brand-building with Social Media

    WordCamp Waukesha 2017Speaker: Eric Kuznacic

    February 7, 2017 — Branding is more than just your business name, logo, and color scheme; it’s your company’s DNA. Branding is built around your core values, what you believe, and why you exist. Once you’ve identified your brand, social media is a great way to build and promote it. But how can you do that without getting lost in all the noise and clutter? Learn strategies and tips on how to make your business stand out on your preferred social platform(s).

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  • Cody Landefeld: Build a WooCommerce Store

    Cody Landefeld: Build a WooCommerce Store

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2016Speaker: Cody Landefeld

    October 8, 2016 — Even if you’re not trying to compete with Amazon, it’s good to know your customers and competition. While building your WooCommerce store you’ll want to know some items to consider that will help you to build a meaningful brand that your customers will be loyal to.

    In this session we’ll touch on tactical items you can include on your site/store to increase customer loyalty

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  • Carl Alexander: Developers - Teach Everything You Know

    Carl Alexander: Developers – Teach Everything You Know

    WordCamp Miami 2016Speaker: Carl Alexander

    April 10, 2016 — Take a moment to think about who you trust online. What do they have in common? There’s a good chance that they thought you something valuable. That’s how you remember them and it’s also why you trust them.

    That trust that you have in them can translate to different things. Sure, they might want to sell you something. But it doesn’t have. You might want to hire them to work on a project or your company because you respect their opinion. You might want to use their open source project because you trust their coding ability.

    All these benefits came from teaching you something valuable. And the good news is that you can do this too! You have unique insights that you can share that can be of value to others. Are you ready to start!?

    Perfect, then this talk is for you! It’ll look at some of the obstacles that you’ll face on your journey into teaching. You’ll see how you can overcome them so that you can start building trust online.

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