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  • Desiree Johnson: How To Utilize Trending Moments To Create Killer Content

    WordCamp Seattle 2019Speaker: Desiree Johnson

    March 30, 2020 — In the world of fleeting news and viral sensations, creating killer content can help make or break your website. Learn how to capitalize on pop culture, holidays, and trending moments which can elevate your content and social media to the next level. Whether your creating web content or social media posts, keep your site one step ahead with relevant material your audiences will love.

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  • Jitesh Patil: WordPress Cornerstone Content – The Right Way

    WordCamp Mumbai 2019Speaker: Jitesh Patil

    January 23, 2020 — WordPress Cornerstone Content – The Right Way -Jitesh Patil

  • Bob Dunn: Don’t Waste All That Good Content: How Repurposing Can Keep It Alive

    WordCamp Portland 2017Speaker: Bob Dunn

    December 31, 2019 — You work hard to create your content. So how can you maximize its impact on your bottom line? Through repurposing. If you have a blog, you already have a good start. Your next step is to take all that awesome original content and repurpose the heck out of it. In this session, you’ll learn from a prolific content generator: how to create and push out and manage your content; how to keep your freshest content up front and alive, find unique ways to get the most out of your existing content and identify the right channels for repurposing it.

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  • Muriel VANDERMEULEN: WordPress, parfait allié pour un plan de contenu inbound Marketing

    WordCamp Marseille 2019Speaker: Muriel VANDERMEULEN

    December 27, 2019 — Entre conférence et atelier, je propose de présenter les atouts de WordPress en tant qu’outil de content marketing. Très souvent les organisations sont tributaires de leur service IT et web pour déployer des outils. Or en marketing de contenu, il arrive qu’un projet, d’une durée de 6 mois à 1 an parfois, nécessite un outil CMS souple, efficace, à l’état de l’art des stratégies éditoriales Web : publication, diffusion, partage, amplification, …

    Dans un second temps, je présenterai une méthodologie facile, claire et concrète pour mettre en place un projet de content marketing sous WordPress (avec plugins et connecteurs) en étayant les étapes et propositions par des études de cas et des chiffres concrets.

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  • Taylor Waldon: Making Content Part of Company Culture

    WordCamp Seattle 2018Speaker: Taylor Waldon

    December 19, 2019 — The days of static website content are dead. Creating dynamic content should be a cornerstone of any good digital marketing strategy. The content you produce not only draws potential customers in, it shows leadership in your industry, not to mention the SEO benefits associated with it.

    The need for content production goes deeper than having something to post on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter that week. It’s about strategizing with your entire team to make sure the content you produce supports your product or service and provides real value to your online audience.

    In order to work with a team, you need a solid content process in place. Moreso, you need to create company culture that includes content creation.

    In this talk, we will cover the following topics:
    – The Importance of Regular New Content
    – Setting up a Process
    – Getting your Team Invested through Company Culture
    – Re-Adjusting your Process to Fit your Team
    – Reporting to your Team

    Attendees can expect to learn the value of good content, how to create a company culture that includes content creation as a team, and setting up a process for content creation that fits your team’s workflow.

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  • Daniel Marx: Vom Keyword zum Thema – So schreibst du Texte, die gefunden werden

    WordCamp Vienna 2019Speaker: Daniel Marx

    November 18, 2019 — Suchmaschinenoptimierung bedeutete für viele Menschen lange einfach nur, ein bestimmtes Keyword – also eine Suchanfrage, nach der besonders viele Menschen auf Google suchen – so oft wie möglich auf eine Seite zu packen, wie nur irgend möglich. Heraus kamen “optimierte SEO Texte”, die für den normalen User grausam zu lesen waren. Diese Zeiten sind zum Glück vorbei. Heute schreiben wir unsere Texte für den User und konzentrieren uns nicht mehr auf ein einzelnes Keyword, sondern auf ein Thema.
    Damit deine Texte auf Google & Co aber trotzdem gefunden werden, sollte gibt es ein paar Regeln die man noch immer beachten sollte.
    In diesem Vortrag wird gezeigt, wie man überhaupt herausfindet nach was deine User suchen, welche Tools dir helfen zu verstehen, was sich deine User von deinen Inhalten erwarten und wie du deine Inhalte dann am besten aufbaust und strukturierst, um dem gerecht zu werden.

  • Brett Dunst: Hand Over the Logs and No One Gets Hurt

    WordCamp Long Beach 2019Speaker: Brett Dunst

    October 31, 2019 — Internet privacy is more important now than it’s ever been. In 2017 the Department of Justice approached DreamHost with a problematic subpoena for customer data. When the request was refused, an avalanche of international media attention followed, bringing the issue of internet user privacy to the global stage.

    In this case study, Brett Dunst discusses how one company used its core values to turn a public dispute over website logs with the DOJ into a wildly successful global campaign for internet privacy, and why open platforms like WordPress are so important to preserving a free and open internet, especially in times of crisis.

  • Sylvie Stacy: 10 Ways to Get Your Readers to Generate Content For You

    WordCamp Birmingham 2019Speaker: Sylvie Stacy

    October 29, 2019 — Regardless of how passionate we are about our niches, blog posts don’t always flow effortlessly out of our brains. Luckily, there are some great ways to get your readers to generate high-quality content for you. And WordPress has excellent tools to help you accomplish this. We’ll discuss different options for user-generated content, how to select an option that aligns with your goals for your website, and how to engage and encourage reader participation and contributions. We’ll look at examples of WordPress plugins for a few types of content.

  • Edmond Yu: 404 Not Found遇得多;402有見過麼?

    WordCamp Hong Kong 2019Speaker: Edmond Yu

    October 25, 2019 — 網上內容免費,是常識吧?其實不然。
    上過網的人,幾乎都聽過遇過「404 Not Found」,卻幾乎沒有人知道「402 Payment Required」的存在。打從互聯網初期已經預留的 402 狀態碼,反映部分網頁需要收費才符合原初的網絡「常識」。然而一路發展下來,免費內容成為壓倒性的主流,營運者只能倚靠廣告收益,最大的互聯網公司 Google、Facebook 等在此潮流中得到大部分好處,反而大量內容生產者只能艱苦經營。

    其實內容收費生態持續在演變,付費牆模式走了十多二十年,到近年才有眉目,其中以電影、音樂、書本、遊戲等比較成熟的產業結構為主。 基於 WordPress 的內容創作,是否也可以抓住收費內容的商業模式,令創作者可以專注內容創作的品質,直接由內容消費者買單?

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