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  • ¿Cómo afectan las decisiones de diseño al SEO?

    WordPress GranollersSpeaker: Nora Ferreirós

    January 28, 2021 — En esta sesión, haremos un repaso a los principales aspectos de diseño de una web que afectan al posicionamiento en buscadores, qué debemos tener en cuenta a la hora de tomar decisiones de diseño si nos preocupa especialmente el SEO y consejos, técnicas y herramientas para mantener un buen diseño sin renunciar a un buen posicionamiento.

  • Justin Nealey: Fast Track Your Design Process

    WordCamp Philadelphia 2018Speaker: Justin Nealey

    December 5, 2018 — As a fellow WordPress designer, I know how much time it takes to work with a client and get a website created. It can feel like an eternity with the initial consult, getting the pieces together, creating the rough draft to their requirements, presenting the rough draft, going back and forth with updates, and so on.

    While there’s no cure to make all of this automated, there is a way to shave countless hours and throw remedial tasks out the window. In this talk, I’ll go over my approach to streamline the WordPress design process allowing you to be more efficient, build sites quicker, and even handle more clients.

  • Diseño web y sentido común

    Granada WordPress MeetupSpeaker: Jotaele Díaz

    November 24, 2017 — En esta Meetup nos adentramos en una de las etapas del desarrollo web a las que no siempre se presta demasiada atención: La fase de diseño.

    Vamos a tratar, desde un punto de vista práctico y divulgativo, de entender qué hace un diseñador y qué aporta en una web. Hablaremos de puntos básicos a tener en cuenta – junto a ejemplos de buenas y malas prácticas – para aprender a identificar un buen diseño web y en qué elementos nos tenemos que fijar para ayudarnos a crearlo.

    La idea es que, aunque esta charla no te convierta en un profesional, sí te aporte ese “sentido común” para distinguir qué es exigible en un buen diseño.

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  • Cara Nelson: A More Humanized Web Design Process For The Client

    WordCamp Rhode Island 2017Speaker: Cara Nelson

    October 17, 2017 — Is your initial client discovery meeting generating bad ideas around your client’s organizational want and needs? Not focusing on the end user? Wouldn’t it be great to have more enthusiasm, more positive energy, more expertise, and more magic during your first client meeting?

    My approach builds human-centered design and user experience into your design process. You’ll know your client before your first session, understand their industry and know who their customers are. I teach human-centered design as a creative approach to problem solving that unleashes creativity to put people at the center of the design process. Treating your client like a human refuels your web design process with better relationships and you emerge as a team from the beginning.

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  • Ross Johnson: Mastering the Design Approval Process

    WordCamp Ann Arbor 2016Speaker: Ross Johnson

    January 6, 2017 — Make the logo bigger, move the sidebar to the left, I don’t like that shade of blue, the font is too big… If you’re working on the web and play any part on the design or interface of a project then you know how difficult the design approval process can be. How can you get something approved if everyone has different tastes?

    In this talk I describe a process that dramatically reduces approval challenges. I cover the steps I take to establish expertise, squash fights over aesthetic preferences and reduce the amount of effort required to get a design approved.

    This process is so effective we rarely have more than one round of revisions and the first round typically takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

  • Lucijan Blagonić: Moving the design process to the browser

    WordCamp Europe 2016Speaker: Lucijan Blagonić

    July 2, 2016 — Responsive design has changed the way we think about designing websites — we have to cater to wide range of devices and interactions and adapt our design process accordingly. Learn about the benefits of utilising a style guide to establish a strong visual language which will help you design and code stand–alone modular components.

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  • Tom Auger: Scoping and Budgeting Projects with Usage Modeling

    WordCamp Toronto 2015Speaker: Tom Auger

    January 17, 2016 — In the field of Information Architecture (IA) and User Experience Design (UX), there is a practice known as Usage Modeling, which maps user scenarios and stories to business priorities. This technique has been traditionally employed in software development to help define the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for first candidate release.

    In this session, you will learn how the Usage Modeling process can be applied to your or your clients’ website and mobile projects to:

    – put the end-user first
    – prioritize features
    – scope out functionality you thought was important (but isn’t)
    – determine an appropriate budget for the project

    The format of this session is unique: part lecture, part hands-on simulation of an actual Usage Modeling Workshop in the boardroom so you can experience the methodology first-hand with a seasoned facilitator.

    If you are considering a large web project for yourself or your organisation, or if you often quote on web work for clients, then this session is not to be missed!

  • Denise VanDeCruze: Client Driven Creation

    WordCamp Vienna 2015Speaker: Denise VanDeCruze

    December 3, 2015 — How do you develop a process where your client is a partner in creation?

    Learn to manage expectations, facilitate communication and provide results.

  • Karena Kreger: Designing a Process that Gets Things Done

    WordCamp Orlando 2014Speaker: Karena Kreger

    March 30, 2015 — The beauty of WordPress is in its strength of community, resources and effectiveness. But without a plan in place, our projects can slow down and stall under the weight of all those possibilities. Learn how to jumpstart your process by NOT starting from zero each time. You’ll learn about the power of frameworks, child themes, templates, design inspiration, preferred plugins, integration services and quality research to build a custom workflow that speeds up design and development. It makes for happy clients – and a happy you!

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  • Tracy Apps: How To Not Design Like A Developer

    WordCamp Maui 2015Speaker: Tracy Apps

    March 16, 2015 — Have you developed enough WordPress skills to make your own custom themes, but they still look like crap? Don’t worry, there’s some simple steps and tools that can help you design less like a developer.

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