‘Figma’ Videos

  • Damon Cook: Block Theme Builders – Figma to Block Theme

    WordPress Meetup World Wide Web 2022Speakers: Damon Cook, Sarah Snow

    August 19, 2022 — In Block Theme Builders: Design in Figma, we got familiar with Figma, made a copy of the Theme Template, made it our own, and many of you asked: how do I make this into a theme? Well, let’s do it!

    Join us, as we take our Figma design file and convert it into a block theme. We’ll show you how to set up colors, typography and maybe some more (if we have time).

  • Damon Cook: Block Theme Builders – Design with Figma

    Speakers: Sarah Snow, Damon Cook

    August 10, 2022 — Are you a theme builder looking to transition to the new era of block themes? Or maybe you’re new to Figma and curious about how you might go from zero to hero with your block theme design? Join us!

    Some areas we’ll explore:

    A brief overview of Figma and why you might use it.
    Use the WordPress.org Figma community’s Theme Template file to kickstart your block theme design.
    Discuss considerations for block theme designs and best practices.
    In this workshop, we will work exclusively in Figma. However, there will likely be a follow-up workshop where we convert our Figma Block Theme prototype into the workings of a Block Theme. Stay tuned.

    We’ll leave ample time for questions and discussions. I hope to see your smiling faces!

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  • Javier Arce: How to start designing for WordPress

    WordCamp Europe 2021Speaker: Javier Arce

    June 29, 2021 — Learn practical tips to start designing for WordPress using Figma. Previous experience with Figma is not required.

    This talk also explains how to begin working with the Make WordPress Design Team and how to follow conventions for contributing work.