Damon Cook: Block Theme Builders – Figma to Block Theme

2 responses on “Damon Cook: Block Theme Builders – Figma to Block Theme

  1. colorful-tones

    Here is Figma file used in the workshop: https://www.figma.com/file/LYAEGdg9jpni0VXx9ba6YS/Frisson

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  2. colorful-tones

    Also, you can use the Create Block Theme plugin to scaffold out a blank block theme (as seen in the workshop video): https://wordpress.org/plugins/create-block-theme/


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August 19, 2022

In Block Theme Builders: Design in Figma, we got familiar with Figma, made a copy of the Theme Template, made it our own, and many of you asked: how do I make this into a theme? Well, let’s do it!

Join us, as we take our Figma design file and convert it into a block theme. We’ll show you how to set up colors, typography and maybe some more (if we have time).

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