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  • David Lockie: How to Grow from Freelancer to Agency Owner

    WordCamp London 2017Speaker: David Lockie

    May 30, 2017 — Taking that first step from working as a freelancer to making your first hire and becoming an agency is an exciting but daunting step. In this talk I will explain how I accidentally started an agency and strategically grew my WordPress specialist agency from myself to over 40 people over the course of 5 years with minimum staff turnover.
    I will cover:

    How and when to make hires
    Where to find new employees (from developers to operations)
    How to create a company culture
    How you can ensure your employees are on board for the long run

  • Adam Sewell: Customer Service and the Freelancer

    WordCamp Raleigh 2017Speaker: Adam Sewel

    May 28, 2017 — There is so much information put out there about growing a business, about SEO or marketing in general. One area that doesn’t get much love is customer service.

    You can get the clients in the door, but then what happens? You want to do a great job but at the end of the day you’re stressed out because things are all over the place. The client wants this or that and it was never discussed.

    In this talk, I want to discuss ways to provide an excellent customer service experience while keeping you sane and your bills paid.

  • Paulo Henrique Holanda do Amaral e Thalita Monteiro: Curtindo os freelas adoidado

    WordCamp Fortaleza 2016Speakers: Paulo Henrique Holanda do Amaral, Thalita Monteiro

    May 18, 2017 — Você já teve dúvida de como começar esse mundo dos freelancers? Você já teve vontade, mas não sabe como proceder pra encontrar os melhores sites e o que é necessário pra começar?
    Nessa palestra te mostramos os pontos mais importantes para você colocar isso em prática e como ganhar uma grana extra.

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  • Tools of the Trade (for Freelancer/Small Business Owner)

    WordCamp Miami 2017Speaker: Jason Mazier

    May 18, 2017 — Every small business owner needs to be a master of their craft, but they also have to master all aspects of their business, including project management, marketing, sales, finances, customer service, time management, and more. In this talk, you will learn about desktop/web apps, mobile apps, and other hacks that will make you run your business professionally and efficiently, while not breaking the bank.

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  • Nathan Allotey: The Price is…Wrong

    WordCamp New Orleans 2016Speaker: Nathan Allotey

    March 31, 2017 — Are you charging enough for your services? Chances are you’re not. The goal is not to get as much money as you can get but to be paid for the value you are bringing to the table.

    When I first started out with web and graphic design I was charging pennies because I felt I was not good enough. For my first website I charged $500 and the second website I charged $0 and was later paid $1,000. After comparing my work to others on the internet I soon found others were charging $5,000 to $10,000 for a website and were not giving as much value as I was.

    In this session I share my pricing journey as well as tips on how freelancers can double what they are earning by creating a process and upgrading their professionalism to earn higher value clients.

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  • Damon Schopen: A Freelancer’s Guide To Handling Difficult Clients

    WordCamp Waukesha 2017Speaker: Damon Schopen

    February 7, 2017 — A new client contacts you about a project they want you to do. You quickly negotiate a price. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you get the feeling that something isn’t quite right. You are really excited to start the new project and make some money so you start right away. You get a couple days in and the client is adding all kinds of things to the project that they thought would be included. On Friday they remember that they never told you the project needs to be completed by Monday. Knowing that it is impossible to finish the project by Monday you get a sinking feeling. Meanwhile, the client thinks that what they are asking for is perfectly normal. After all this is their first website. Quickly you begin to curse the day you met the client and wish you never took on this project.

    Having the skills to design and develop a website is only part of what you need to become a successful freelancer. Working with clients and managing expectations are essential skills to have as a freelancer. This session will be an open discussion about how to work with clients and manage projects.

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  • Charles Muzonzini: Up and Running as a WordPress Freelancer in Zimbabwe

    WordCamp Harare 2016Speaker: Charles Muzonzini

    January 3, 2017 — I will be going through the essential aspects of being a freelance web developer/designer in Zimbabwe covering the following subtopics:

    getting started
    having things in order – incorporation, taxes, legal docs
    getting the right workflow

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  • Rob Stinson: The Freelancers Tool-Box. Tools and Systems To Streamline Your WordPress Projects and Run Your Business

    WordCamp Sunshine Coast 2016Speaker: Rob Stinson

    December 21, 2016 — Freelancing is easy. That is, until you rely on it to pay the bills. Whether your a seasoned agency owner or a just-starting-out freelancer, having the right tools and systems in place to manage your projects and handle repetitive tasks is sink or swim important.

    I’m going to take you through some of the tools I use, including Trello, Mix Max, Google Apps and Zapier, and the ways I use them to run my business.

    If you’re in the space of building WordPress sites and getting paid for it, this session is for you.

  • Antti Koskenrouta: From Freelancer to “Feelancer” – Three Keys To Less Stress And More Success

    WordCamp Baltimore 2016Speaker: Antti Koskenrouta

    December 1, 2016 — “I failed at freelancing because I made sure I was compensated properly and stayed on top of my finances.” – No one ever

    More and more people try freelancing but many never make it: not because they do bad work, but because they fail at running a business. Most of the mistakes are self-inflicted and can be avoided. This talk covers the three keys to freelancers’ long-term success:

    1. Staying on top of the finances,
    2. Taking care of one’s self and
    3. Understanding when to pay a pro.

    The talk will empower aspiring and current freelancers by giving them the tools to avoid the pitfalls and come out on top.