‘JavaScript’ Videos

  • Ethan Butler: Write Better Javascript

    Ethan Butler: Write Better Javascript

    WordCamp Baltimore 2017Speaker: Ethan Butler

    October 19, 2017 — For WordPress developers in 2017, knowing JavaScript is more important than ever. Unfortunately, with new frameworks and tools sprouting up seemingly everyday, learning JavaScript in 2017 is also harder than ever. Even for experienced devs, it can feel frustrating keeping up with rapid pace of the JavaScript ecosystem. What are arrow functions and object destructuring? What’s transpilation? Why isn’t it hip to use for loops anymore? What’s the deal with functional programming? Why are there so many competing module bundlers? What even is a module bundler? Why does any of this matter? This talk is designed to help experienced developers who may feel like they’ve fallen behind to catch up, and to help less-experienced developers get a leg up in their learning, all with a focus on how this fits into the WordPress ecosystem.

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  • Micah Wood: Getting Started with JavaScript

    Micah Wood: Getting Started with JavaScript

    WordCamp Atlanta 2017Speaker: Micah Wood

    October 19, 2017 — As of January 2017, JavaScript is used by 94.4% of all websites. On average, JavaScript developers earn 20% more than PHP developers. You can create entire websites, single page applications, mobile or even desktop apps using 100% JavaScript. You can’t ignore JavaScript anymore.

    At the same time, there are tons of JavaScript frameworks, tools, and even different versions of the language that you can learn. How do you make sense of it all? Where do you start?

    You start by attending this special double-session where we will give you an overview of the JavaScript landscape, start with the basics of JavaScript coding, and point you towards some great resources for continuing your journey towards becoming a JavaScript master.

    We’ll spend the first hour by giving you a broad overview and helping ease that overwhelming feeling you get when people start throwing around the names of JavaScript things you know nothing about. We’ll also take a look at what the learning process looks like in general and how you can accelerate your learning of new things like JavaScript or that new framework you’ve been wanting to try out.

    During the second hour, we’ll take a closer look at JavaScript itself. We’ll start with some sample tasks, things you might normally want to do with JavaScript in WordPress, and show you how to get the job done. You will learn about basics of JavaScript coding, the tools that WordPress provides and some great resources for gaining a deeper understanding of JavaScript.

  • Сергей Попов: Хватит кормить динозавров!

    Сергей Попов: Хватит кормить динозавров!

    WordCamp Moscow 2017Speaker: Sergey Popov

    October 7, 2017 — Спецификации JS и CSS стремительно развиваются, существенно облегчая жизнь разработчикам. Однако, что-то заставляет разработчиков отказываться от современных спецификаций в пользу поддержки старых браузеров. Почему? Что мы теряем и из-за кого? Давайте разберёмся с этим вопросом раз и навсегда.

  • Thomas Deneulin, Romain Lefort, Thierry Le Moulec, Benjamin Lupu: Table ronde: La planète WordPress doit apprendre le JavaScript. Mais… pourquoi ? Et comment ?

    Thomas Deneulin, Romain Lefort, Thierry Le Moulec, Benjamin Lupu: Table ronde: La planète WordPress doit apprendre le JavaScript. Mais… pourquoi ? Et comment ?

    WordCamp Marseille 2017Speakers: Thomas Deneulin, Romain Lefort, Thierry Le Moulec, Benjamin Lupu

    October 2, 2017 — JavaScript a fait une entrée fracassante dans le monde WordPress. Et comme tout extraterrestre qui se respecte, on se demande s’il est venu en paix et on va devoir apprendre à communiquer avec lui. Comment devons-nous appréhender le langage et les frameworks mais aussi l’environnement qui nous pense à ne plus s’en passer. L’API Rest joue t’elle également un rôle dans tout ça ? Nous tenterons de vous préparer à ces différents changements avec notre table ronde sur le Javascript afin de vous aiguiller dans cet éco-système.

  • Panel Discussion: JavaScript QandA

    Panel Discussion: JavaScript QandA

    WordCamp Miami 2017Speakers: Peter Carabeo, Michael Dyer, Jonathan Brinley, Auston Bunsen, Zac Gordon, Nizar Khalife Iglesias, Josh Pollock

    August 5, 2017 — A chance to ask any questions to the Learn JavaScript Deeply speakers.

  • Adam Silverstein: JavaScript in WordPress Core - Past, Present and Future

    Adam Silverstein: JavaScript in WordPress Core – Past, Present and Future

    WordCamp Asheville 2017Speaker: Adam Silverstein

    June 16, 2017 — *This is a 15-minute Lightning Talk*

    Take a tour down memory lane as we explore the JavaScript files and features added to each version of WordPress: from quicktags.js in version 1.0 to wp-api.js in 4.7. We’ll look at the JavaScript/Backbone based features in today’s WordPress including media, the customizer, themes, plugins, revisions and the REST API client. Finally, we will learn about the exciting things happening now in JavaScript in WordPress core that will shape the WordPress of tomorrow.

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  • Allen Moore: Vue.js + WordPress

    Allen Moore: Vue.js + WordPress

    WordCamp Raleigh 2017Speaker: Allen Moore

    June 4, 2017 — The popularity of JavaScript has lead to an ecosystem that’s vibrant, growing, and to be honest, somewhat out of control. Each day leads to a new framework labeled as the next great thing, but each framework presents it’s own unique set of pros, cons, and frustrations.

    In this talk, we will look at Vue.js, one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks available. In 2016, stateofjs.com conducted a survey where over 89% of the surveyed developers gave Vue.js a satisfactory rating, which rates it as the second highest rated framework behind React, which received a rating of 92%. We will look at real world examples of how Vue.js can be integrated into a WordPress project for the front end, the back end, and interaction with the WordPress Rest API.

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  • Konstantin Obenland: WordPress in React

    Konstantin Obenland: WordPress in React

    WordCamp Berlin 2017Speaker: Konstantin Obenland

    May 16, 2017 — Überblick einer React App für ein WordPress Frontend am Beispiel des neuen Plugin Verzeichnis.

    – Benötigte NPM module
    – Entwicklungsworkflow mit Grunt
    – Anforderungen an die REST API
    – Verwendung des REST API Javascript layers
    – Struktur und Aufbau der React Komponenten – im Plugin Verzeichnis
    – Das Endergebnis

    Internationalisierung mit Moment, Jeb, und Calypso-i18n

  • Roy Sivan: Learn JS Deeply, but Don’t Forget About PHP

    Roy Sivan: Learn JS Deeply, but Don’t Forget About PHP

    WordCamp San Diego 2017Speaker: Roy Sivan

    May 4, 2017 — PHP is the language that WordPress is built on, and it isn’t going anywhere. “Learn JavaScript deeply” is a great sentiment, and I feel like every aspiring developer should take JavaScript seriously if they want to go down that route. However, if you are building JavaScript (framework or not) applications powered by the WordPress REST API, don’t forget about PHP. I’ll run through a few examples of full on JavaScript application builds, where there is equal if not more PHP custom code than JavaScript. So before you learn JS deeply, do you have a moment to talk about PHP?

  • Breno Alves:  Por que devo aprender JavaScript?

    Breno Alves: Por que devo aprender JavaScript?

    WordCamp Fortaleza 2016Speaker: Breno Alves

    May 2, 2017 — O mundo e as tecnologias estão evoluindo e sem dúvidas o JavaScript vem tomando conta de uma boa fatia do mercado atual. E não se engane pois o WordPress não vai ficar de fora dessa!

    Nessa palestra Breno Alves vai te mostrar porque você deve aprender JavaScript “pra ontem”!

    Você verá tudo que está sendo feito hoje e o que vem sendo pesquisado para o amanhã em relação ao WordPress.

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