‘JavaScript’ Videos

  • Adam Silverstein: JavaScript APIs in WordPress

    Adam Silverstein: JavaScript APIs in WordPress

    WordCamp Europe 2018Speaker: Adam Silverstein

    July 9, 2018 — We will explore the existing major JavaScript API’s including wp.api – the bundled REST API client, wp.customize the improved JavaScript Customizer API, wp.codeEditor – the new code editor built into WordPress; wp.heartbeat – a powerful and easy client/server synchronization API; and wp.media – to leverage the media modal. We’ll also explore the future of WordPress JavaScript and look at the JavaScript APIs coming to WordPress including the APIs exposed by Gutenberg, and the WordPress npm packages including wp.hooks – JavaScript actions and filters matching the PHP versions.

  • Maxime Bernard-Jacquet: Simplifiez-vous le développement de vos thèmes avec Gulp

    Maxime Bernard-Jacquet: Simplifiez-vous le développement de vos thèmes avec Gulp

    WordCamp Paris 2018Speaker: Maxime Bernard-Jacquet

    April 26, 2018 — Avez-vous déjà entendu parlé des outils tels que Gulp, Grunt, Webpack… ? Ils vous permettent d’accomplir des tâches en direct lors du développement de votre site, comme recharger le navigateur à chaque modification, synchroniser le site sur votre mobile, tablette et ordinateur afin de tester le responsive, compiler vos fichiers CSS et JS et les optimiser.

    Un outil comme Gulp est facile à installer sur votre projet WordPress, même pour les allergiques de la ligne de commande, et vous apportera de nombreux avantages lors de votre développement :

    Compilation de vos styles (Sass, Less, Stylus)
    Compression de vos CSS et JS
    Live Reload
    Browser Sync

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  • Gaya Kessler: Moderne JavaScript en WordPress

    Gaya Kessler: Moderne JavaScript en WordPress

    WordCamp Rotterdam 2018Speaker: Gaya Kessler

    April 18, 2018 — Het gebruik van moderne JavaScript brengt veel voordelen met zich mee, maar hoe doen we dit in combinatie met WordPress?

    Deze talk gaat in op het gebruik en toepassen van moderne JavaScript en hoe je dit in je dagelijks werk mogelijk kan maken. Ook worden er een aantal use-cases voor WordPress uitgelegd.

    De focus ligt meer op het waarom en de werking in plaats van de uitwerking voor specifieke situatie zodat de bezoeker wordt getriggerd zelf na te denken over hoe moderne JavaScript hen kan helpen.

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  • Adam Silverstein: JavaScript in WordPress Core: Past, Present and Future

    Adam Silverstein: JavaScript in WordPress Core: Past, Present and Future

    WordCamp NYC 2017Speaker: Adam Silverstein

    February 9, 2018 — Take a tour down memory lane as we explore the JavaScript files and features added to each version of WordPress: from quicktags.js in version 1.0 to wp-api.js in 4.7. We’ll look at the JavaScript based features in today’s WordPress including media, the customizer, themes, plugins, revisions and the REST API client. We will learn when and why Backbone was introduced as a JavaScript framework for Core and why and how it is used extensively in core. Finally, we will learn about the exciting things happening now in the wider JavaScript community and in WordPress core that will shape the WordPress of tomorrow.

  • Gary Pendergast: I Am JavaScript (And So Can You!)

    Gary Pendergast: I Am JavaScript (And So Can You!)

    WordCamp US 2017Speaker: Gary Pendergast

    December 10, 2017 — I’ve been a PHP developer for most of my professional life, but earlier this year I switched to JavaScript full time. I’m here to tell you that it’s not a scary move, and can be a whole lot of fun!

    From my first impressions of React, ES6, and large scale JavaScript projects, through to implementing large scale features, I’ll walk you through how I became a JavaScript developer in just a few months. I’ll show you how you can do it, too, and what this means for the future of WordPress development.

  • Weston Ruter: Building with JavaScript in the Customizer

    Weston Ruter: Building with JavaScript in the Customizer

    WordCamp US 2017Speaker: Weston Ruter

    December 10, 2017 — This year’s heavy focus in core has been on WordPress’s next generation Gutenberg editor. With the call to learn JavaScript deeply, it’s no surprise that Gutenberg is written in a JavaScript-first architecture. Once Gutenberg and its building blocks are in core, focus will broaden to then include Customizer. The Customizer was the first JavaScript single-page application in WordPress (added in 3.4). With the focus transition from Editor to Customizer, while keeping a JavaScript-first mindset, it is important for contributors and plugin authors that the Customizer’s JavaScript API be demystified to facilitate the integration of the new block editing interfaces. In my talk I’ll delve into the inner workings of the Customizer JS API, show how to use React to build custom controls in the Customizer, and demonstrate how to use the Customizer to preview changes to sites that use React-based themes—including previewing changes on headless REST API-driven sites.

  • Micheal Reilly: React Native, WordPress and JavaScript Shenanigans

    Micheal Reilly: React Native, WordPress and JavaScript Shenanigans

    WordCamp Dublin 2017Speaker: Micheal Reilly

    November 12, 2017 — WordPress is a great platform to build a website on but what about mobile applications. Stressing the real potential of the words Content Management System, you can use WordPress to give your clients an easy way to update, create and manage their content on mobile applications. This pairing of WordPress as the backend management system and React Native as the mobile front end extends your potential not only to offer a new amazing service but it can function as great way to bridge your skills into a new area without leaving behind the glorious world of WordPress.

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  • Ethan Butler: Write Better Javascript

    Ethan Butler: Write Better Javascript

    WordCamp Baltimore 2017Speaker: Ethan Butler

    October 19, 2017 — For WordPress developers in 2017, knowing JavaScript is more important than ever. Unfortunately, with new frameworks and tools sprouting up seemingly everyday, learning JavaScript in 2017 is also harder than ever. Even for experienced devs, it can feel frustrating keeping up with rapid pace of the JavaScript ecosystem. What are arrow functions and object destructuring? What’s transpilation? Why isn’t it hip to use for loops anymore? What’s the deal with functional programming? Why are there so many competing module bundlers? What even is a module bundler? Why does any of this matter? This talk is designed to help experienced developers who may feel like they’ve fallen behind to catch up, and to help less-experienced developers get a leg up in their learning, all with a focus on how this fits into the WordPress ecosystem.

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  • Micah Wood: Getting Started with JavaScript

    Micah Wood: Getting Started with JavaScript

    WordCamp Atlanta 2017Speaker: Micah Wood

    October 19, 2017 — As of January 2017, JavaScript is used by 94.4% of all websites. On average, JavaScript developers earn 20% more than PHP developers. You can create entire websites, single page applications, mobile or even desktop apps using 100% JavaScript. You can’t ignore JavaScript anymore.

    At the same time, there are tons of JavaScript frameworks, tools, and even different versions of the language that you can learn. How do you make sense of it all? Where do you start?

    You start by attending this special double-session where we will give you an overview of the JavaScript landscape, start with the basics of JavaScript coding, and point you towards some great resources for continuing your journey towards becoming a JavaScript master.

    We’ll spend the first hour by giving you a broad overview and helping ease that overwhelming feeling you get when people start throwing around the names of JavaScript things you know nothing about. We’ll also take a look at what the learning process looks like in general and how you can accelerate your learning of new things like JavaScript or that new framework you’ve been wanting to try out.

    During the second hour, we’ll take a closer look at JavaScript itself. We’ll start with some sample tasks, things you might normally want to do with JavaScript in WordPress, and show you how to get the job done. You will learn about basics of JavaScript coding, the tools that WordPress provides and some great resources for gaining a deeper understanding of JavaScript.

  • Сергей Попов: Хватит кормить динозавров!

    Сергей Попов: Хватит кормить динозавров!

    WordCamp Moscow 2017Speaker: Sergey Popov

    October 7, 2017 — Спецификации JS и CSS стремительно развиваются, существенно облегчая жизнь разработчикам. Однако, что-то заставляет разработчиков отказываться от современных спецификаций в пользу поддержки старых браузеров. Почему? Что мы теряем и из-за кого? Давайте разберёмся с этим вопросом раз и навсегда.